Aaron Black Patrol Captain 704-829-4056 Email
Adrianna Compton Patrol Officer Email
Alejandro Valverde Support Services Sergeant Email
Alex Robinson Senior Planner 704-901-2066 Email
Alex Szucs Councilman 704-860-8162 Email
Allen Buchanon Patrol Lieutenant 704-829-4062 Email
Allison Paul Customer Service & Utility Billing Specialist 704-285-8318 Email
Amya Morrison Patrol Officer Email
Anthony “TJ” Green Community Sergeant Email
Arthur Pullen Assistant Chief of Police 704-829-4030 Email
Ben A. Henderson SRO Officer Email
Ben Dunivan Reserve Email
Ben Washam Recreation Specialist 704-825-5586 ext.1003 Email
Boyce “Corky” Falls Chief of Police 704-829-4058 Email
Brian McGonagle Athletic Director 704-825-5586 ext.1002 Email
Cassidy Lackey Community Development Coordinator 704-825-5586 Ext. 4002 Email
Chad Rumney Detective 980-525-2131 Email
Charla Ellis Police Assistant 704-829-4016 Email
Charles “Tony” Cape Lieutenant 704-829-4018 Email
Charlie Hill Councilman 704-616-1873 Email
Chester Jones Planning Technician 704-825-5586 Email
Chris Holmes Patrol Sergeant Email
Cody Willett Traffic Sergeant 704-829-4087 Email
Connie Cobb Police Assistant 704-825-3792 Email
Crystal Wayman Public Works Administrative Assistant 704-825-0507 Email
Danny Whisnant Water and Sewer Maintenance Supervisor 704-901-2073 Email
David Whatley K-9 Officer Email
Dean Letorney PIT Police Assistant
Doug Huffstetler Reserve Officer Email
Erik Matteson Human Resources Specialist 704-396-0284 Email
Ethan Johnson Downtown Officer Email
Gerold Kimble K-9 Officer Email
Hannah Rayburn Human Resources Director 704-901-2062 Email
Harold Paul Police Training Coordinator 704-825-3792 Email
Haven Guffie K-9 Officer Email
James Reagan School Resource Officer Email
Jamie Campbell City Clerk/Public Information Officer 704-901-2063 Email
Jared Pyles Finance Director 704-825-5586 Email
Jason Cain Stormwater Coordinator 704-901-2076 Email
Jason Rumfelt Councilman 704-898-4648 Email
Jim Hefferan Mayor Pro Tem 336-575-3792 Email
John Foulk Division Chief of Support Services 704-718-1541 Email
Jonathan Wilson Public Works Director 704-825-0506 Email
Kathryn Lewis Councilwoman 704-860-5500 Email
Keeisha Law Recreation Specialist 704-825-5586 ext.1008 Email
Kevin Krouse Assistant City Manager 704-825-5586 Email
Kevin Wingate Patrol Officer Email
Kreston Seigler Patrol Corporal (K9) Email
Kristen Wilson Patrol Corporal Email
Laura Woelfel Parks and Recreation Office Manager 704-825-5586 ext.1004 Email
Lindsay Yager Code Enforcement Officer 704-829-4024 Email
Madison Rudisill Patrol Officer Email
Mariah Kendrick Public Works Beautification Coordinator 704-825-8587 Email
Marisol Ortiz Planning Technician 704-825-5586 Email
Mark Reid Property and Evidence Detective 704-829-4061 Email
Matthew Sherrill Support Services Captain 704-829-4079 Email
Matthew Stroupe Patrol Sergeant Email
Meg Howes Senior Customer Service & Utility Billing Specialist 704-901-2083 Email
Michael Glover Patrol Officer Email
Michael Hales Planning Technician 704-901-2084 Email
Michael Spizzo Patrol Officer Email
Mike Fussell Traffic Officer Email
Mike Harris Reserve Officer 704-829-4005 Email
Mike Lari Internal Affairs Detective 704-829-4023 Email
Miles Braswell City Manager Email
Misty Rumney Property and Evidence Technician Email
Osvaldo Ortiz Downtown Officer Email
Pheap Connor School Resource Officer Email
Randy Humphrey Reserve Officer Email
Randy Williams Backflow Coordinator 704-901-2090 Email
Reaghan Murphy Senior Planner 704-396-0291 Email
Richard “Nate” McRee Patrol Sergeant Email
Richard Lorenz Patrol Corporal Email
Richard Turner Mayor 704-685-3139 Email
Sam Dunlap Traffic Officer Email
Sue Lowe Customer Service & Utility Billing Specialist 704-901-2064 Email
Summer Gilbert Community Event Coordinator 704-813-5719 Email
Tiffany Faro Planning and Zoning Director 704-829-4010 ext. 3011 Email
Timothy Davis Patrol Officer Email
Todd Davis Fire Chief 704-689-0713 Email
Tory Campbell Customer Service & Utility Billing Specialist 704-829-4067 Email
Travis Jones Patrol Corporal Email
Trey Clinton Detective 980-525-1462 Email
Tyler Briscoe Patrol Officer Email
Tyler Busby Detective 704-718-6898 Email
Tyler Graham PARC/CALEA Director 980-241-5019 Email
Tyler Miller Patrol Sergeant Email
Victoria Rumfelt Administrative Assistant 704-829-4017 Email
Wanda Green Police Assistant 704-825-3792 Email
Yvette Broussard Chief Technology Officer 704-813-7121 Email
Zip Stowe Parks and Recreation Director 704-825-5586 ext.1001 Email
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