Aaron Black Lieutenant 704-829-4056 Email
Adrian Miller City Manager 704-825-5586 Email
Alex Godette Recreation Specialist 704-901-2089 Email
Alex Robinson Senior Planner 704-901-2066 Email
Allen Buchanon Sergeant 704-829-4062 Email
Angela Spataro Detective 704-829-4082 Email
Arthur Pullen – Patrol Lieutenant Patrol Lieutenant 704-829-4030 Email
Ben Henderson Downtown Officer Email
Bill Carroll Public Works Director 704-825-0506 Email
Boyce “Corky” Falls – Chief of Police Chief of Police 704-829-4058 Email
Brian McGonagle Athletic Director 704-901-2070 Email
Cassidy Lackey Community Development Coordinator 704-825-5586 Ext. 4002 Email
Chad Hawkins – Public Safety Director Public Safety Director - Police and Fire 704-825-3792 Email
Charla Ellis Police Assistant 704-829-4016 Email
Cody Willett Sergeant Email
Crystal Wayman Public Works Administrative Assistant 704-825-0507 Email
Daniel Marlow DWI Enforcement Officer Email
Danny Whisnant Water and Sewer Maintenance Supervisor 704-901-2073 Email
Debra Brown HR Director 704-901-2062 Email
Doug Huffstetler School Resource Officer Email
Hayden Davis Stormwater Coordinator 704-901-2076 Email
Jaime Lisi Planning Technician 704-901-2610 Email
James Reagan School Resource Officer Email
Jamie Campbell City Clerk/Public Information Officer 704-901-2063 Email
Jared Pyles Finance Director 704-825-5586 Email
Jason Davis – Administrative Captain Administrative Captain 704-829-4037 Email
Jerry Hatton City Engineer 704-901-2081 Email
John Foulk Captain 704-825-0502 Email
Laura Woelfel Parks and Recreation Office Manager 704-901-8191 Email
Lindsay Yager Code Enforcement Officer 704-829-4024 Email
Matthew Sherrill Detective Sergeant 704-829-4079 Email
Melissa Lockamy Planner 704-901-2079 Email
Mike Harris Detective Email
Mike Lari Internal Affairs Detective 704-829-4023 Email
Morgan Abernathy Community Event Coordinator 704-813-5719 Email
Peyton Ratchford Associate Planner 704-901-2084 Email
Pheap Kang School Resource Officer Email
Phil Boggan Downtown Director 704-825-5586 Ext. 4001 Email
Randy Williams Backflow Coordinator 704-901-2090 Email
Scott Wyatt Training/Off Duty Coordinator 704-829-4018 Email
Shelley DeHart Planning and Zoning Director 704-901-2065 Email
Susan Wall Keep Belmont Beautiful Board Chair 704-825-8587 Email
Tiffany Faro Senior Planner 704-901-2610 Email
Todd Davis Fire Chief 704-689-0713 Email
Tyler Graham – PARC/CALEA Director PARC/CALEA Manager 980-241-5019 Email
Victoria Rumfelt – Administrative Assistant Police Administrative Assistant 704-829-4017 Email
Wendy Cauthen Keep Belmont Beautiful Administrator 704-884-1579 Email
Zip Stowe Parks and Recreation Director 704-901-2069 Email
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