Historic Preservation Advisory Board


The City of Belmont has a distinctive and important history as a thriving town and textile manufacturing center.  Downtown Belmont was settled in the 1750’s, originally called Garibaldi Station after the railroad station constructed there.  The area was renamed Belmont in 1833 and was officially incorporated in 1895. The city’s architectural character grew from the vision of its landowners and citizens who saw the area evolve through years of progress and expansion. The city wishes to protect its architectural past by enlisting the help of interested citizens who are dedicated to the cause of preserving our history through observation, research and education.

On April 1, 2019, the city council established a historic preservation advisory board to further these goals by assisting the property owners of residential and commercial buildings in the voluntary designation of local landmarks, to promote historic preservation efforts, and to coordinate with the Gaston County Historic Preservation Commission and our local historic organizations in this pursuit.

Mission Statement: The Historic Preservation Advisory Board collaborates to promote the education of our city's historic and architectural past. 


For questions or inquiries about Historic Preservation Advisory Board, please see the information below.

Jaime Lisi
City Planner

(704) 825-5586 ext. 3014
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