Belmont Historic Landmarks

The North Carolina General Assembly has found that "The historical heritage of our State is one of our most valued and important assets. The conservation and preservation of historic districts and landmarks stabilize and increase property values in their areas and strengthen the overall economy of the State."

The City of Belmont has a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Belmont does not have a local historic district where you would typically see more regulation of modifications to historic structures within the district.  Instead, we encourage property owners to pursue voluntary designation of their property as a local historic landmark.


Belmont's Historic Landmarks

We are proud of these local landmarks:

Historic Landmark Map

Landmark Designation Process

Local historic landmark designation is a separate distinction and process from national and local historic districts.  Local historic landmark designation may apply to individual buildings, structures, sites, areas, or objects which are found to have significant historical, architectural, archaeological, or cultural value.

State statute sets out a process for designation of local historic landmarks.  Locally, the process is coordinated by the Gaston County Historic Preservation Commission following the process outlined here.

With this voluntary designation, specific improvements are subject to approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness by the Gaston County Historic Preservation Commission but there are potential benefits as well.

A benefit to owners of designated landmark properties is a 50% property tax deferment, as long as the property maintains its historic significance.  Owners of landmark properties must apply annually for this deferment, which essentially reduces the taxable value of the property by 50%.

The Belmont Historic Preservation Advisory Board is happy to meet with property owners interested in this process and encourages property owners to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Please contact Planner Melissa Lockamy via phone at (704) 901-2079 or email to begin these discussions.

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