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The membership make-up and duties are:

  • The board will be composed of 5 members.
  • At least three members must live in the historic district or own property within. All members must reside within the city limits.
  • The board will be appointed to staggered one-, two-, or three-year terms at first, and then three-year terms thereafter.
  • The board will establish its by-laws and will meet monthly.
  • The board will be responsible for:
    • Recommending local structures for voluntary designation as a local historic landmark by Gaston County and the City of Belmont.
    • Reviewing and recommending approval or denial of applications for certificates of appropriateness for existing landmarks within the jurisdiction.
    • Educating the public on the value of our historic properties and the benefits of local landmark designation; assist with the application process where possible.
    • Any other duties the city council may see fit to assign.


  • Alexander Szucs, Chair
  • Susan Murphy, Vice Chair
  • Nancy Gadd
  • Jennifer Simmons
  • Amanda Wall

Board Documents


If you would like to apply for a position on the Historic Preservation Advisory Board, please use the Submit Application button below.

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