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Belmont-Mount Holly Connector


Several years ago, the Gaston Cleveland Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (GCLMPO) analyzed the potential for a new continuous roadway running north-south that would avoid congested downtown areas, better serve traffic, and improve quality of life for those living near the existing routes.  This future corridor is referred to as the Belmont-Mount Holly Connector, and is planned as a four-lane divided highway that incorporates bicycle and pedestrian facilities within its design.

The GCLMPO updated the Comprehensive Transportation Plan to include this proposed corridor, and completed a functional roadway design, which is required by NCDOT when several new roadway location alternatives are being studied. The Belmont- Mount Holly Connector is also highlighted within the City of Belmont's 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Current Status

In 2020, this project was submitted for scoring in SPOT 6.0, NCDOT's strategic prioritization process.  Depending on how the Belmont-Mount Holly Connector ranks among other proposed improvements statewide, this project could be identified for NCDOT funding in the 2023-2032 Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).  The Draft 2023-2032 STIP is anticipated to be released in August 2022. 

Per Chapter 16 of the Land Development Code, any submitted plans along this adopted thoroughfare will be required to construct the proposed street within the borders of their development.

Please note that changes to the exact route location may occur during design.

Proposed Typical Cross-Section


Project Location Map

Please note that changes to the exact route location may occur during design
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