FAQ Topic: Scope

Is a form-based code (or similar) expected as part of the CLUP update?

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update should be prepared in a way that compliments a form-based code, but updates to the Land Development Code itself are not included in the scope of this project. The City anticipates the need to update our Land Development Code a separate project after adoption of the CLUP update.  

Are there specific studies that the City is expecting and/or would like to have completed as part of this process such as: traffic impact analysis (TIA), retail, commercial and/or housing void analysis, public safety audits, etc. that would require a specific consultant with the corresponding expertise?

If additional studies are recommended for completion of any of the plan updates as outlined above, consultants should make those recommendations within their proposal. Additional studies should not be included in pricing of CLUP Update. These recommendations may be considered by the city, but would require separate budgeting approvals.

Is the Parks and Open Spaces section intended to be a new plan/section?

This should be a new section within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that builds on the environmental factors and Parks/Natural Areas place type within the existing comprehensive land use plan. This section should incorporate the following elements at minimum: Urban & Suburban Open Space types ▪ Public vs. Private ▪ Cluster Developments vs. Large Lot … Continued

How quantitative an effort does the City envision that the analysis of fiscal impacts needs to be? Does the City have an existing fiscal impact model?

The Fiscal impact analysis within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is at minimum intended to demonstrate how each land use impacts municipal finances (costs and revenue), and how these land uses impact the city’s ability to provide for public services During the preparation of this analysis, the Capital Improvements Plan should be considered to ensure … Continued

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