Can you expand upon the expectations for each section included in the 2023 Comprehensive Plan Update outline?

• Please find further clarification of city expectations in each of the sections as follows. Please note that the scope should include updates to all sections as needed to reflect the collective feedback received from our community, but staff specifically anticipates
the following:

  • Land Use This section is existing, but should be updated. See notes on fiscal
    impact analysis.
  •  TransportationConsultant is NOT expected to update this chapter- the City will begin the creation of a Multimodal Network Plan utilizing a separate consultant for this scope. – see Consultant Coordination.
  • Parks and Open Spaces– This section will be new, but build upon information within the existing plan. See notes on Parks and Open Spaces.
  • Place Types/ Housing– The City of Belmont is currently working with Centralina Council of Governments to identify and incorporate new “missing middle” housing forms into the Land Development Code (link to project scope here). The new proposed housing forms are anticipated for consideration by City Council in January 2024, prior to commencement of the CLUP update. The CLUP consultant shall determine where these new place types should be sited throughout Belmont.
  • Center City Small Area Plan– This update is anticipated to be updated. See notes on center city update.
  • Public Health– This should be a new section within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This section should outline a Health in All Policies approach (active living, food & nutrition, health and human services, access to education, etc.) for various aspects of land use planning. It should also consider available public infrastructure (water, sewer) to support land uses, as well as how planned growth will impact municipal service needs for ongoing public health and safety of our community. The following studies will be available for reference:
    • Asset Inventory and Assessment for water and sewer
    •  Sewer capacity study
    •  Fire Station Study (North Belmont Focus)
  • Historic Preservation– This new section (or sub-section) is intended to provide guidance on thoughtful planning that honors Belmont’s heritage and character, respects our Gaston County local landmarks and contributing structures within  National Register Historic District, and outlines a strategy to preserve and/or revitalize historic areas/assets within our community. This section should also address a vision for introducing new growth and opportunity in a way that  complements and celebrates our past while embracing our future.
  • Implementation section This section should be enhanced to outline clear steps for tracking plan progress, and implementing the community’s vision. This may include prioritization of key implementation strategies, opportunities for collaboration, etc. depending on the recommendations within the CLUP Update.
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