Is the Parks and Open Spaces section intended to be a new plan/section?

  • This should be a new section within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that builds on the environmental factors and Parks/Natural Areas place type within the existing comprehensive land use plan. This section should incorporate the following elements at minimum:
      • Urban & Suburban Open Space types
        ▪ Public vs. Private
        ▪ Cluster Developments vs. Large Lot Developments
      •  Tree Canopy/ Protection
        ▪ Incorporate recommendations in response to the city’s Tree Canopy
      •  Parks
        ▪ 2019 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Recommendations
        ▪ Private amenities (ie. Within HOA neighborhoods) and their impact on
        the need for municipal parks/ amenities
      •  Greenways and Blueways
      •  Water Resources
        ▪ Watershed Protection
        ▪ Floodplain
      • Return on Investments – balancing initial costs and costs for maintenance with
        positive impacts on recreation, travel/ tourism, environmental protection, etc.
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