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For questions or support, contact:

  • Phone: 555-555-5555
  • Email:

Frequently asked questions

Listen carefully and follow the instructions. You will be able to replay the message and write down phone numbers and addresses. Contact the phone numbers provided within the message for more information. Do not call 911 for more information. In a public emergency situation, the 911 dispatch will be very busy responding to individual emergency calls. They will not be able to answer questions related to CityConnect messages.

Understandably, people want to know what is happening and what is being done during a public emergency. However, calling the Department of Emergency Services and 911 ties up phone lines and human resources that can best be used managing the emergency. During an emergency situation, the Department of Emergency Services will use the CityConnect communications system to provide ongoing information updates as circumstances change. One of the purposes of the CityConnect communications system is to provide timely and accurate information to residents, freeing Emergency Services resources to appropriately manage the situation at hand.

You should always tune to local television and radio stations. Your emergency preparedness plan should include a battery-operated radio.

There are several possible reasons why you didn’t receive an alert

  1. Someone else picked up your phone
  2. You didn’t recognize the sender and deleted the message without reading it
  3. Your phone numbers have been changed since registration

These are reasons why we test the CityConnect Communications System, so that residents can become familiar with it.

The City of Belmont does not issue alerts messages during fast changing severe weather events such as tornadoes and thunderstorms. There are many publicly available, reliable, and accurate means of receiving severe weather information that citizens are encouraged to use such as NOAA Weather Radios (National Weather Service), smart phone apps and local (Charlotte) TV and radio stations.

The Community Alert System is free to residents of the City of Belmont. We are working to provide an efficient and effective way to communicate information related to public safety. Depending on your service provider, you may incur minor charges for a received cell phone call or text messages.


For more information on the CodeRED Mobile Alert app for iOS and Android, please see the “Mobile app” tab on this page.

Redial the number that you received the notification from and the last message will be replayed for you.

Ready to Sign Up?

Click here to visit the CityConnect registration and login webpage.

Need assistance with registering for CityConnect? Watch our helpful video guide by clicking here.

View the image below for step-by-step instructions on creating your CityConnect account. Click to enlarge.

CityConnect Registration Instructions.

If you have questions about the CityConnect program, please contact us at

For technical help with the application, please contact CodeRED for assistance at 866-939-0911.

So many choices! You may receive notifications from the City of Belmont via cell phone, landline phone, text, push notifications, and email. Or all of the above!

You choose what works for you.

The CityConnect Community Notification System is not connected to the any other communication program. You will need to sign up for this Belmont-specific tool even if you already have enrolled in other programs.

How will you know when a message is sent from the CityConnect application? A message will have one of the following caller ID numbers:

704-XXX-XXXX for Emergencies

704-XXXX-XXXX for Community Updates, Covid Updates, Community Events, and other non-emergency information

704-XXX-XXXX for Severe Weather Warning Alerts

You also have the ability to customize your caller ID number to any desired locally identifiable number. We suggest that residents program these numbers into their cell phone as a “new contact” and use “CityConnect” as the contact name. If you need to replay the message received, you can dial this number and listen to the message again in its entirety.

The City of Belmont wants to provide residents, local business owners, visitors, and employees with the most relevant information exactly when it’s needed. CityConnect allows us to send out communications to stay in touch with community news and updates.

The City of Belmont has contracted with OnSolve to use their CodeRED® mass communications system. In case of an emergency situation in our area a City of Belmont employee will use the CityConnect communications system to compose or record a message and launch a variety of communication methods to contact residents that have signed up for CityConnect. The CityConnect system may also be used by the city to inform you in case of something that affects the community such as a water line breaks, an unplanned road closing, or general information on city programs and events.

Get Critical Alerts Straight To Your Phone

With the CodeRED Mobile Alert app – OnSolve enables CityConnect users to receive notifications directly to your mobile device whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country.

If you download the app on your mobile phone, you will not only receive CityConnect push notifications, but the app will also deliver relevant, location-based alerts based on GPS location to ensure you receive critical information when you are in a CodeRED client’s jurisdiction.

Click here for more information on the CodeRED Mobile App:

NOTE: You must download and sign up for the CodeRED mobile app even if you already have an existing CodeRED account.

Do you live in Belmont, but not in the city limits, Cramerton, Mt. Holly, or other communities outside of the City of Belmont?

The CodeRED system that CityConnect is built on will allow you to register directly for this tool if you live outside the Belmont city limits (i.e. you don’t pay taxes to the City of Belmont.)  If you register for alerts from the City of Belmont, but don’t live within the municipal limits, it’s important to remember that you still need to continue to follow your local emergency services alerts that apply specifically to your physical location.

Yes, we have 4 certified car seat technicians.  Contact the station @ 704-825-0502 to schedule a car seat installation or inspection.

Contact Division Chief John Foulk at or 704-718-1541.

The Fire Department user fees are outlined here.

Memberships can be purchased online at or can be purchased in person at the CityRec Center.

*Proof of residency will be required upon purchase for those who live In-City limits. *

Yes – an outside organization or individual may apply to utilize certain public streets using our “Special Event Application.”

Yes – an outside organization or individual may apply to hold an event on public property using our “Special Event Application”

  • The 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (along with other adopted plans) can be found
    online at:

    • The City also has Word and PDF versions of the 2018 Comprehensive Land Use
      Plan available for consultant use. An ESRI Layer Package of sidewalks, multi-use
      paths, and off-road lines is also available.

• Please find further clarification of city expectations in each of the sections as follows. Please note that the scope should include updates to all sections as needed to reflect the collective feedback received from our community, but staff specifically anticipates
the following:

  • Land Use This section is existing, but should be updated. See notes on fiscal
    impact analysis.
  •  TransportationConsultant is NOT expected to update this chapter- the City will begin the creation of a Multimodal Network Plan utilizing a separate consultant for this scope. – see Consultant Coordination.
  • Parks and Open Spaces– This section will be new, but build upon information within the existing plan. See notes on Parks and Open Spaces.
  • Place Types/ Housing– The City of Belmont is currently working with Centralina Council of Governments to identify and incorporate new “missing middle” housing forms into the Land Development Code (link to project scope here). The new proposed housing forms are anticipated for consideration by City Council in January 2024, prior to commencement of the CLUP update. The CLUP consultant shall determine where these new place types should be sited throughout Belmont.
  • Center City Small Area Plan– This update is anticipated to be updated. See notes on center city update.
  • Public Health– This should be a new section within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This section should outline a Health in All Policies approach (active living, food & nutrition, health and human services, access to education, etc.) for various aspects of land use planning. It should also consider available public infrastructure (water, sewer) to support land uses, as well as how planned growth will impact municipal service needs for ongoing public health and safety of our community. The following studies will be available for reference:
    • Asset Inventory and Assessment for water and sewer
    •  Sewer capacity study
    •  Fire Station Study (North Belmont Focus)
  • Historic Preservation– This new section (or sub-section) is intended to provide guidance on thoughtful planning that honors Belmont’s heritage and character, respects our Gaston County local landmarks and contributing structures within  National Register Historic District, and outlines a strategy to preserve and/or revitalize historic areas/assets within our community. This section should also address a vision for introducing new growth and opportunity in a way that  complements and celebrates our past while embracing our future.
  • Implementation section This section should be enhanced to outline clear steps for tracking plan progress, and implementing the community’s vision. This may include prioritization of key implementation strategies, opportunities for collaboration, etc. depending on the recommendations within the CLUP Update.
  • While the City has an attorney that will review the final document prior to adoption, the
    consultant is expected to understand the requirements of N.C.G.S. 160-D and other
    applicable regulations and prepare a plan update in compliance with North Carolina
    requirements for long-range plans.

A refreshed branding/graphic presentation is preferred to distinguish the plan update from the 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Branding should incorporate Belmont’s new city-wide branding (link to Brand Guidebook here), but the plan itself should have its own identity that can be used throughout the public engagement process.

The City of Belmont acknowledges that the original deadline for question submission
and city response was unclear. Accordingly, staff has extended both deadlines as
– Deadline for Questions: Thursday, November 9, 2023
– City Responses: Wednesday, November 15, 2023.



While a formal public bid opening was previously scheduled for 2pm on November 22nd, the City has learned that this is not required based on the nature of the work requested in the RFP and has therefore been eliminated from the project schedule. Proposals will instead be opened and then reviewed by our selection committee over the week or so following receipt to identify the top proposal(s) for review by Planning Board and City Council.

All proposals are due by 12:00 pm (noon) on November 22nd, 2023.

  •  The City of Belmont will review all proposals received, and then utilize the following
    process for consultant selection:

    • Selection Committee Review
      •  Consultants will be notified by Friday, December 1, 2023 if selected for
        an interview.
    • Planning Board Interview:
      • Selected Consultants are asked to interview with Planning Board
        (tentatively December 14, 2023; final date to be included in consultant
        interview invitation)
      • Selected consultants will be recommended for interview by City
    • City Council Interview:
      • Selected Consultants are asked to interview with City Council (tentatively
        January 15, 2024; may be rescheduled with 2 week notice given)

        • Final selection is anticipated following interviews, but may take
          place at following meeting at City Council’s discretion.
  • The Fiscal impact analysis within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is at minimum intended to demonstrate how each land use impacts municipal finances (costs and revenue), and how these land uses impact the city’s ability to provide for public services
    • During the preparation of this analysis, the Capital Improvements Plan should be considered to ensure a land use approach that financially supports our future needs. The City has a Capital Improvement finance planning tool that can be utilized by the consultant as a resource during preparation of this analysis.
    • An analysis of property values per acre shall be provided based on each of the land uses envisioned. This shall include a comparison chart of envisioned land uses to the City’s existing neighborhoods utilizing information available in GIS.



  • This should be a new section within the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that builds on the environmental factors and Parks/Natural Areas place type within the existing comprehensive land use plan. This section should incorporate the following elements at minimum:
      • Urban & Suburban Open Space types
        ▪ Public vs. Private
        ▪ Cluster Developments vs. Large Lot Developments
      •  Tree Canopy/ Protection
        ▪ Incorporate recommendations in response to the city’s Tree Canopy
      •  Parks
        ▪ 2019 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Recommendations
        ▪ Private amenities (ie. Within HOA neighborhoods) and their impact on
        the need for municipal parks/ amenities
      •  Greenways and Blueways
      •  Water Resources
        ▪ Watershed Protection
        ▪ Floodplain
      • Return on Investments – balancing initial costs and costs for maintenance with
        positive impacts on recreation, travel/ tourism, environmental protection, etc.
  • Yes- This update is anticipated to be updated in coordination with a separate consultant (hired by a downtown property owner) who has interest in redevelopment within this area. Their visioning plan has been publicly shared, but not yet adopted (link to plan presentation here).  Staff has notified the property owner that public input and subsequent adoption of a small area plan update incorporating this document could be coordinated with the City’s CLUP to ensure that their vision for downtown growth aligns with the City’s vision.

Yes- A new Transit Oriented Development small area plan may be warranted within the CLUP Update, and would be part of the CLUP Update project scope. A preliminary TOD plan has been envisioned for our area within the LYNX Silver Line Transit-Oriented Development Study (link here), specifically on pages 25-26, that could serve as the foundation for a new small area plan. This small area plan would be coordinated in conjunction with the Multimodal Network plan concurrent planning effort,

  • If additional studies are recommended for completion of any of the plan updates as outlined above, consultants should make those recommendations within their proposal.
    • Additional studies should not be included in pricing of CLUP Update. These recommendations may be considered by the city, but would require separate budgeting approvals.
  • The Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update should be prepared in a way that compliments a form-based code, but updates to the Land Development Code itself are not included in the scope of this project.
    • The City anticipates the need to update our Land Development Code a separate project after adoption of the CLUP update.


  • CLUP Update Consultant will serve as the “Project Manager” compiling concurrent planning efforts for inclusion in the CLUP Update, and making sure all parties are informed of updates that may impact or inform all parties. City Staff will manage individual contracts assist with coordination of public outreach associated with all concurrent planning efforts.
    • Multimodal Network Plan- Outside consultant (to be selected by NCDOT) is anticipated to commence plan at the same time as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update consultant. The CLUP consultant is expected to coordinate with this consultant throughout the planning process to ensure that land use and transportation planning are complimentary and integrated.
    • This scope will build on the recently adopted Pedestrian Plan Update, and add in bicycle, transit, and intersection considerations.
      • The Multimodal Network Plan is anticipated to serve as the Transportation section within the CLUP.
      • Belmont currently utilizes a traffic engineering consultant for developer Traffic Impact Analysis studies. This data is anticipated to inform underperforming intersections for improvement recommendations within this plan.
    • Downtown Visioning Plan- Outside consultant (to be hired by private property owner) has prepared a draft plan, and is seeking review during the City’s public engagement process to allow plan to be adjusted as needed and then incorporated into an update to the Center City Small Area Plan.

The 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (along with other adopted plans) can be found online at:

The City of Belmont has good working relationships with Duke Energy, Catawba Riverkeepers, Lake Wylie Marine Commission, Carolina Thread Trail, neighboring municipalities, Gaston County, Centralina Council of Governments, and others that can offer support and assistance during the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update process to understand outside guidelines that may impact our envisioned land uses.

The City of Belmont has allocated up to $125,000 in this year’s fiscal budget (FY 23/24) for the development of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update. We understand that costs for plan preparation may exceed this amount, and any additional costs may be budgeted in future years at the discretion of City Council prior to contract scope finalization.

Award shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the invitation for bids- taking into consideration quality, performance, and the time specified n the proposal for performance of the contract.

Bid packages submitted to the City for consideration must be delivered in a sealed, opaque package conspicuously marked with the words “BID DOCUMENT ENCLOSED” and include the BID OPENING DATE. (see Schedule)

  • Bid Packages may be sent to

City of Belmont
Attn: Planning Department
1401 E Catawba Street Belmont, NC 28012

  • Commencement of the project is anticipated to begin as soon as possible following final
    consultant selection, once all required documentation is in place.

    • The original RFP reference to a May 15th commencement was incorrect.
  • The project duration is anticipated to be 12 to 18 months, dependent on the schedule
    recommendation of the selected consultant.

    • This is to allow for ample public engagement throughout the community to
      inform the updated plan.
    • This timeline also allows for collaboration and coordination with other
      simultaneous efforts to be integrated into this planning initiative- see
      Anticipated Consultant Coordination section.

Yes- Consultant should anticipate consultant selection in January 2024. The start date was
incorrectly noted as 2023 in the original RFP document.

The Consultant is expected to review all relevant current adopted plans (prepared by others) to inform the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update. This may include municipal, county-wide, and regional plans impacting the City of Belmont.

To find out information about burial plots in Greenwood Cemetery please call the Public Works Administrative Assistant at 704-825-0507 or submit your request online here

To find out information about burial plots in Greenwood Cemetery please call the Public Works Administrative Assistant at 704-825-0507 or submit your request online here

No, plastic bags cannot be recycled.  The recycling business is in constant flux right now, so the list of items that can be recycled can change.  To view the current list of items that can be recycled, click here.

The recycling business is in constant flux right now, so the list of items that can be recycled can change.  To view the current list of items that can be recycled, click here.

To view the list of items you can place our for pick-up during bulk pick-up weeks click here.

Bulk pick-up occurs once per quarter.  To view the current garbage, recycling, and bulk pick-up calendar, click here.

Please contact Waste Pro at 704-839-7800 or submit a report online here:  If you don’t receive prompt service, please contact our Public Works Department at 704-825-0507.

You can report the issue through our online portal:, otherwise please contact our public works department at 704-825-0507 M-F 8AM – 5PM or 704-689-8716 on evening and weekends and someone will be able to assist you.

To see the list of holidays that will delay your normal trash and recycling pick-up days click here.

You can report the issue through our online portal:, otherwise please contact our public works department at 704-825-0507 M-F 8AM – 5PM or 704-689-8716 on evenings and weekends and someone will be able to assist you.

You can report the issue through our online portal:, otherwise please contact our public works department at 704-825-0507 M-F 8AM – 5PM or 704-689-8716 on evening and weekends and someone will be able to assist you.

You can monitor your water usage on our online portal:  Once you have registered your water account online you can also set-up leak alerts.  If you need immediate assistance please contact our public works department at 704-825-0507 and they will be able to assist you.

For applications and more information regarding our Boards and Advisory Committees, please visit our Engage web page to see all of the ways you can get involved.

The City of Belmont provides its customers with a Water Quality Report every year. This provides detailed information on drinking water quality.  The most recent report is available here. If you have additional questions or concerns about your water quality, please contact the water plant at 704-825-2625.

Currently, the City of Belmont offers a variety of benefits to its full time employees including health, dental, and vision insurance.  For more information on our full list of benefits, please contact our Human Resources Department at

Income taxes are collected by the  State of North Carolina.  You can find more information on state income taxes on this website:

To view the current county and municipal tax rates go to the following website:

To view the current property tax amounts on a property visit:

To view the current county and municipal tax rate, please visit the Gaston County Tax Office Website.

To search for information on current and/or previous tax bills and payments visit the following website for more information:

For more information on liquor license please visit the North Carolina ABC Commissions website by clicking here.

For information on how to enroll at Gaston Community College visit their website by clicking here.

If you have received a summons for jury duty and need additional information, visit the Gaston County Courts website by clicking here.

You can report a minimum housing violation online here or by contacting the city’s code enforcement officer via email at, or by phone at 704-829-4024.

The City of Belmont contracts with WastePro for solid waste and recycling services.  If your trash or recycling bins were not emptied, please call WastePro at 704-839-7800 or submit on online ticket by clicking here.

These magnets can be picked up at City Hall.  They are currently located on the side of the drop box located next to the back door to City Hall.

We charge a $15.00 late fee on the 15th of each month for any accounts that aren’t paid in full by 5:00 PM.  We also charge a $50.00 delinquency penalty on the 21st of each month at 5:00 PM.

We offer an extension once per 6 months which you can receive by emailing or by calling us at 704-825-5586, option 4.

All City services have moved to the new CityWorks facility located at 1401 E. Catawba Avenue and the building is now open to the public.

You can purchase spigot locks at Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon.

No, we do not offer bill adjustment for lawn watering or power washing.

Please submit the start and stop meter readings and the date you filled your pool.  We will adjust only the sewer portion of your bill.  Please mailed this information to PO Box 431, Belmont, NC 28012 or email this information to

Yes. In order for us to process an adjustment on your account, please submit a copy of the repair receipt or invoice and we will adjust your water bill that has the highest amount due.

No, we can’t process payments by phone.  We provide several different payment options. You can pay online using your debit/credit card, drop a check or money order in our drop boxes located behind City Hall, mail in your payment, or sign up for automatic draft.  You can sign up for automatic draft on our website here.

To view and print a copy of your water and sewer bill please log-in to our WaterSmart portal at

To check your water usage or set up leak alerts log-on to our WaterSmart portal at

No, we do not transfer accounts.  If you’re moving from one address and wish to start service at another, please fill out a disconnection of service request form for your current address, then fill out a request for service for the new address.  You can access these forms on our website by clicking here.

You can complete this process online. 

To start service please fill out the form located here.

To stop service please fill out the form located here.

Your account number is located at the top of your water bill. Don’t forget to include the “-0” at the end when logging into your account at

Our rates were increased in 2024 for the first time since 2019.  For more information on our current rates visit our current rate schedule here.

To read more information about the most recent water and sewer rate increase, click here.

The City of Belmont provides several payment options. You can pay online using your debit/credit card, drop a check or money order in our drop boxes located at CityWorks or City Hall, mail in your payment, or sign up for automatic draft by clicking here.  

To obtain a golf cart permit call Belmont’s Code Enforcement Officer at 704-829-4024 and schedule an inspection. The Code Enforcement Officer will inspect and accept the $25 permit fee and $5 decal fee.

Driving golf carts on some city streets is permissible if you obtain a permit and follow the city regulations.  The rules and regulations for golf cart operations in the city can be found on our website here.  You can apply for a golf cart permit through our website here, by mail, or by visiting the Belmont Police Department at 201 Chronicle Street, Belmont, NC 28012.

It is important to provide the code enforcement officer good information to aid them in carrying out the initial inspection.  Information needed include the address or good description of the location, details of what violation you are reporting, and a picture if available.  Pictures can be included in reporting by email to, through the city’s website here, or by texting 704-859-2354.

There are a couple of ways to report a possible code violation.  Please visit Code Enforcement – Belmont, NC ( for more information. 

Before any transportation plans are finalized, the public will have the opportunity to participate by providing public comment and/or participating in community engagement efforts. These opportunities will be posted on our website and social media pages.

The LYNX Silver Line is a proposed 26-mile light rail line that is part of CATS 2030 Corridor System Plan. The line stretches from the Town of Matthews, through Center City, into the City of Belmont. More information on this project can be found on the City of Charlotte website.

The City of Belmont continues to advocate for traffic improvements throughout the City through coordination with  Gaston Cleveland Lincoln MPO and the NC Department of Transportation. Chapter 16 of our Land Use Development Code also requires developers to comply with our Traffic Impact Analysis requirements and make improvements as necessary to mitigate these impacts and maintain safe traffic and transportation operations.

The City of Belmont has several great places for hiking and biking, including but not limited to, the Seven Oaks Preserve Trail and  Rocky Branch Park. You can also check out our new Belmont GO app offering free maps, guides, and tours  around the City.  You can download the Belmont Go App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The City of Belmont’s Planning and Zoning Department makes every effort keep the information on our Transportation Planning page, although changes to exact timelines are subject to change due to funding and coordination efforts with collaborative entities. If you have questions related to a specific project, please contact our Associate Planner

We live in a country where private property rights are highly valued and government control is limited. For Belmont to stop all future growth, the City would have to purchase existing development rights for all parcels within its planning jurisdiction. Even if everyone who owned property agreed to sell their rights and it was legal for the City to purchase them, the cost would be more than citizens could bear. It is simply not a financially feasible or fiscally responsible option. Nor would no growth in Belmont stop traffic from increasing. A great number of the average daily trips within Belmont are made by people moving through Belmont and not people living in Belmont. Even if Belmont stopped growing, the Charlotte region will continue to grow and impact our city. Cities are constantly changing, some by growing and others by declining. Much of the reason for change in Belmont is caused by factors the City cannot control. We could not stop the closure of our textile mills and other economic changes driven by national and global trends. We have limited ability to impact state and federal roads. What Belmont can do, however, is manage changes in land use and how those changes impact our citizens. Our Comprehensive Land Use Plan is one important tool that we use to manage that change.

You have received notice for a neighborhood meeting because a property nearby has applied for a conditional re-zoning. The City of Belmont requires developers making this request to hold at least one community meeting to inform the surrounding property owners about their plans for development. While these meetings are not organized by the City, we strongly encourage your participation so that you can stay informed and share your thoughts on the proposed plans before they are presented to the Planning Board and City Council for recommendation and approval.

North Carolina uses two different types of hearings to formally obtain comment on proposed zoning decisions: legislative hearings and evidentiary hearings. Legislative hearings allow citizens to comment on a specific proposal and provide their opinion in front of those making the decision. Evidentiary hearings are much like a court proceeding-witnesses present testimony, exhibits are submitted, detailed minutes are kept, and a formal written decision is rendered.  Additional information on this topic is available by the School of Government

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