Lindsay Yager
Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement


This Police Division enforces City of Belmont ordinances and regulations.

Report a Violation

If you need to report a Code Enforcement Violation such as junked or abandoned vehicles, tall grass, illegal dumping, etc. please click the "Report a Violation" button below to be directed to our reporting system. You may also contact our Code Enforcement Officer directly to provide a report or for more information by visiting the Staff section at the bottom of the page.

Code of Ordinances

Below is a link to all of the chapters of the Code of Ordinances.

Backyard/Urban Chickens

Chapter 90: Animals - Amendment Approved 

On Monday, October 1, 2018 the City Council approved the proposed amendment to Chapter 90 of the Belmont Code of Ordinances.  Highlights of the amendment are below.

  • Up to four (4) hens will be permitted
  • Roosters are prohibited
  • No chickens shall be allowed in multi-family complexes
  • There shall be no on-site slaughter of chickens
  • *A permit must be obtained on an annual basis through the Planning & Zoning department
  • Chicken Keeping Area must be at least 25 feet from any rear and side property lines
  • All chickens must be kept in a coop or tractor during non-daylight hours. During daylight hours, chickens may be located in a coop, run, tractor, or securely fenced area.

Backyard/Urban Chicken Farming Permit Process

  1. Submit the online permit application here along with the $25.00 application fee and process fees.
  2. The Planning & Zoning department will review the application.
  3. The Code enforcement officer will complete an inspection of the property.
  4. If the property passes inspection, the permit will be issued to the applicant.
  5. The issued permit will be valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

Note: Proof of registration of fowl with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture must be submitted within 30 days of permit application approval. The link to this registration form can be found here or below "Additional Resources" under " NC Department of Agriculture FarmID Registration."

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