Environmental Sustainability Board


Purpose and Duties

The general purpose of the Environmental Sustainability Board is to serve as an advisory committee to the City Council regarding environmental sustainability issues such as tree protection and urban forestry, recycling, and energy use. Their duties include:

  • Advise, deliberate and make recommendation to City Council on tree and urban forestry related matter, recycling, and energy use
  • Assist in the development and implementation of any ordinances, policies, or plans related to tree and urban forestry, recycling, and energy use
  • Assist in the community outreach and public education related to urban forestry and environmental protection related matters
  • Assist in the planning of community events related to urban forestry and environmental protection.

To see what the board did in 2021, click HERE for the end of year report.

ESB Subcommittees 

To fulfill the board's duties, the ESB established four subcommittees - trees, bees, recycling, and energy. For more information on each, click the associated button below.


  • Rob Wilhite, Chair
  • Maria Portone
  • Ted McGavran, Vice Chair
  • Student Member, Vacant
  • Jennifer Tracey
  • Ex-Officio member, Vacant
  • Andrew Whitney
  • Student member, Vacant


The Environmental Sustainability Board meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at CityWorks, located at 1401 E Catawba Street, Belmont. All meetings are open to public.  Agendas and minutes can be found at the agenda center by using the Agendas and Minutes button below.

Rules of Procedure

The Environmental Sustainability Board's Rules of Procedure are below. These bylaws govern the function and operation of this board.


For questions or inquiries about Environmental Sustainability Board, please contact Mariah Kendrick at the information below.

Mariah Kendrick

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