Bee City! Belmont: The 90th Bee City in the Nation

In 2019, the City of Belmont became the 90th municipality in the nation to become a Bee City USA. This is a nonprofit national organization which encourages city leaders to celebrate and raise awareness of the contribution bees and other pollinators make to our world by endorsing a set of commitments for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators. The Bee City USA designation is renewed on an annual basis based on annually celebrating the bee community with a proclamation, public awareness activities, and various educational opportunities.

Benefits of Bees

Bees and other pollinators are important for the following reasons:

  • Plant pollination and growth
  • Creation of food sources
  • Production antibacterial properties
  • Production of wax

Ways You Can Help The Bees

Although most people have a displeasure with bees, these buzzing creatures are crucial to our environment as we know it. Bees are important for food security, sustainable farming and income, and biodiversity and environmental protection. Below are simple ways you can help the bees in your environment!

  • Plant a bee garden or bee friendly trees: By planting a bee garden, you can create a safe habitat for bees to build a home while also providing nutritious food sources. The garden does not have to take up much space but can be grown in yards, flower pots, planters, or boxes. You can also plant bee friendly trees that provide blossoms for bees to feed from. This can be beneficial for both bees and the habitat.
  • Go chemical free: Try avoiding treating your garden or yard with harsh pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. These chemicals can harm bees and their sensitive systems. Using organic products or natural solutions can go a long way in creating a bee friendly community.
  • Install native bee homes: 30% of bees live in holes inside of trees or hollow stems. Installing "bee condos" on undisturbed land or in your garden can provide safe spaces for bees to reside. Bee condos or apartments can be easily made or purchased.
  • Create a bee bath: Bees need water too. Providing bees with a shallow bird bath or other similar bowl with fresh water can be beneficial at keeping these pollinators hydrated. It also helps the birds within the community too!
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