FAQ Topic: Police FAQs

How do I apply for a golf cart permit?

To obtain a golf cart permit call Belmont’s Code Enforcement Officer at 704-829-4024 and schedule an inspection. The Code Enforcement Officer will inspect and accept the $25 permit fee and $5 decal fee.

Can I drive a golf cart on city streets?

Driving golf carts on some city streets is permissible if you obtain a permit and follow the city regulations.  The rules and regulations for golf cart operations in the city can be found on our website here.  You can apply for a golf cart permit through our website here, by mail, or by visiting the … Continued

How do I apply for the alarm permit?

Alarm permits can be obtained online or by mail.  An application can be obtained at the Belmont Police Department 201 Chronicle Street, Belmont, NC 28012 or on our website here.

Do I need a permit for my alarm system?

Yes.  Both residential and commercial alarm systems are required to be registered with the City of Belmont’s Police Department.  This permit is very important and aids the police department in responding to alarms within the city by providing them the contact information for the owners and alarm company.  You can view the alarm system ordinance … Continued

What information is needed to report a code violation?

It is important to provide the code enforcement officer good information to aid them in carrying out the initial inspection.  Information needed include the address or good description of the location, details of what violation you are reporting, and a picture if available.  Pictures can be included in reporting by email to lyager@cityofbelmont.org, through the … Continued

How do I report a code violation?

There are a couple of ways to report a possible code violation.  Please visit Code Enforcement – Belmont, NC (cityofbelmont.org) for more information. 

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