FAQ Topic: Planning and Zoning

Where can I find out about upcoming road improvement projects?

The City of Belmont’s Planning and Zoning Department makes every effort keep the information on our Transportation Planning page, although changes to exact timelines are subject to change due to funding and coordination efforts with collaborative entities. If you have questions related to a specific project, please contact our Associate Planner planning@cityofbelmont.org.

I think traffic in Belmont is bad enough already. I don’t want to see any more growth. Why can’t we have a plan that says there will be no more growth in Belmont?

We live in a country where private property rights are highly valued and government control is limited. For Belmont to stop all future growth, the City would have to purchase existing development rights for all parcels within its planning jurisdiction. Even if everyone who owned property agreed to sell their rights and it was legal … Continued

I received an invite to a Neighborhood/Community Meeting, what is that?

You have received notice for a neighborhood meeting because a property nearby has applied for a conditional re-zoning. The City of Belmont requires developers making this request to hold at least one community meeting to inform the surrounding property owners about their plans for development. While these meetings are not organized by the City, we … Continued

What is the difference between a legislative hearing and an evidentiary hearing?

North Carolina uses two different types of hearings to formally obtain comment on proposed zoning decisions: legislative hearings and evidentiary hearings. Legislative hearings allow citizens to comment on a specific proposal and provide their opinion in front of those making the decision. Evidentiary hearings are much like a court proceeding-witnesses present testimony, exhibits are submitted, … Continued

What is a Variance?

A variance is a permit to allow deviation from the City’s Land Development Code due to a physical constraint found on your property.  This process requires your request to go before a citizen’s board,  the Board of Adjustment, to hear and reach a decision on your request.  For more information call the Planning Department at … Continued

What is a re-zoning?

A re-zone is the process of changing the existing zoning classification to a new classification.  Each zoning classification has set permitted land uses and regulations for development that must be followed.

Where can I find zoning information for a parcel of land?

You can review the city’s zoning map here if you are familiar with the location.  If you are unfamiliar with a parcels location we recommend obtaining the information at Gaston County’s Interactive GIS Map here. This online map allows the user search for an individual parcel and obtain a wide range of information including the … Continued

Why does Belmont require foundation surveys for new homes?

Effective March 2019, the City of Belmont requires sealed foundation surveys prior to Gaston County framing inspections for new construction homes in order to ensure compliance with our setback requirements and minimize the costs for corrections if needed.

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