FAQ Topic: 2023 Comprehensive Land Use Update

Should the enclosing envelope/ package be anonymous?

Bid packages submitted to the City for consideration must be delivered in a sealed, opaque package conspicuously marked with the words “BID DOCUMENT ENCLOSED” and include the BID OPENING DATE. (see Schedule)

How will bids be awarded?

Award shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the invitation for bids- taking into consideration quality, performance, and the time specified n the proposal for performance of the contract.

Has the City established a budget for the project?

The City of Belmont has allocated up to $125,000 in this year’s fiscal budget (FY 23/24) for the development of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update. We understand that costs for plan preparation may exceed this amount, and any additional costs may be budgeted in future years at the discretion of City Council prior to … Continued

Given the amount of shoreline in the area, Does the City have a good working relationship with Duke Energy and the guidelines that may or may not affect the waterfront areas?

The City of Belmont has good working relationships with Duke Energy, Catawba Riverkeepers, Lake Wylie Marine Commission, Carolina Thread Trail, neighboring municipalities, Gaston County, Centralina Council of Governments, and others that can offer support and assistance during the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update process to understand outside guidelines that may impact our envisioned land uses.

What are the anticipated consultant coordination efforts to be included in scope?

CLUP Update Consultant will serve as the “Project Manager” compiling concurrent planning efforts for inclusion in the CLUP Update, and making sure all parties are informed of updates that may impact or inform all parties. City Staff will manage individual contracts assist with coordination of public outreach associated with all concurrent planning efforts. Multimodal Network … Continued

Is a form-based code (or similar) expected as part of the CLUP update?

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update should be prepared in a way that compliments a form-based code, but updates to the Land Development Code itself are not included in the scope of this project. The City anticipates the need to update our Land Development Code a separate project after adoption of the CLUP update.  

Are there specific studies that the City is expecting and/or would like to have completed as part of this process such as: traffic impact analysis (TIA), retail, commercial and/or housing void analysis, public safety audits, etc. that would require a specific consultant with the corresponding expertise?

If additional studies are recommended for completion of any of the plan updates as outlined above, consultants should make those recommendations within their proposal. Additional studies should not be included in pricing of CLUP Update. These recommendations may be considered by the city, but would require separate budgeting approvals.

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