Roper Street Variance Amendment

Variance - VAR 2022.01A

A  request to amend variance case 2022.01 to allow the development of properties on septic systems instead of city sewer service for three (3) lots instead of the originally approved two (2) lots. The subject property is Parcel #183620 on Roper Street. The applicant and property owner is Andrew Lineberger with Lineberger Construction Group, LLC.

Project Status:

    • Application Submittal - Submitted and under review √
    • Public Notice for Public Hearing - Friday, December 30th, 2022 
    • Board of Adjustment Hearing -  Thursday, January 12th, 2022, at 6:30 PM 


If you would like to speak with someone about this project, please see the contact information below.

Planning and Zoning
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