Due to construction, Rocky Branch Park will be closed to the public beginning January 4th until further notice.

Planning and Zoning Updates

Planning and Zoning Updates

All city offices are closed to the public at this time, including the Planning and Zoning Department. All business will need to be conducted electronically and via phone.

All permit requests should be submitted online.  If you are unable to apply online, please contact us at the number below and we will make other arrangements.

Invoices for fees may be paid by phone.  If you submit a check, please do so by mail or drop off at either of two drop boxes in the rear of city hall, in a sealed envelope addressed to Planning & Zoning.

If you are coordinating deliveries with private companies, please inform them that personnel will not be able to sign for deliveries.

Checks should be deposited in the city hall drop box and plans may be deposited in the gray bin in front of the Planning and Zoning office.    

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact us (704) 901-2610.

Gaston County has also made adjustments to how they are conducting Planning and Zoning business at this time.  Click here for the press release from Gaston County regarding the changes in the permit and inspection process.

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