2022 Pedestrian Master Plan Update

In October 2021, the City of Belmont was successfully awarded a NCDOT Planning Grant to assist with efforts to update our 2009 Pedestrian Master Plan.

Consultant: Alta Planning + Design

Anticipated Plan Completion: November/December 2022

NOW LIVE: We encourage all residents, businesses, and visitors to complete our online survey by May 25th! 

Click the image below to complete the survey!

Throughout the update process, City staff and the consultant team will also host several public engagement opportunities, including:

  • 5 Virtual Stakeholder Interviews- April and May
    • Health & Wellness Groups
    • Business and Development Groups
    • Environmental Advocacy Groups
    • Residential Community Organizations
    • Support Services
  • Virtual Public Feedback Questionnaire (hard copies will also be available upon request)- NOW LIVE! 
  • Two In-Person Public Meetings- April 7th and September (Date TBD)

If you would like to be notified of public engagement opportunities as they arise, please email Tiffany Faro at tfaro@cityofbelmont.org.

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