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This is our Government page. Here you will find information about our Mayor, Council, Boards, Committees, City Budget, as well as Agendas and Minutes.


Belmont will be a vibrant, multi-generational community that incorporates small-town charm and heritage with an entrepreneurial spirit.


City of Belmont provides visionary leadership and high-quality city services to create a community of choice for our residents, visitors, and employees.


The City Council makes decisions about how the city operates and develops. The City Council relies on city staff, appointed committees, and boards to provide context and recommendations for specific issues.  The City Council is made up of the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem/Council member, and four council members.  The Mayor only votes on issues when there is a tie vote among the council members.  The five council members and mayor are elected by City of Belmont residents and serve 4 year terms.  Municipal elections are held in odd number years.  The next municipal election will be held in 2025.

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