Crescent Project

Sketch Plan - SKP2021.10

This is a sketch plan review for a zoning petition to reclassify a 14+ acre site, consisting of five properties, with various zoning classifications (NC-C, BC-D, and INF-R) to Downtown District/Conditional District (DD/CD), to accommodate a mixed-use master planned community.   The project proposes:

  • 24,550 sf of commercial use
  • 63 townhomes
  • 230 multi-family flats (over 5 separate buildings)
  • 4 Live/Work units
  • Offer to dedicate Crescent Park/Dwight Frady Field to the city upon a successful zoning petition.

Subject Properties ID#: 126073, 126079, 126078, 215799, 126080


  • South side of E. Catawba St between 4th St. and Tucker St.
  • Crescent Park/Frady Field -- Offer of dedication for recreational use

Applicant: Belmont Land & Investment Company and Lat Purser & Associates, Inc

Project Status:

  • Sketch Plan   - Submitted and under review.  The sketch plan may have multiple revisions prior to moving forward.
  • Community Meeting - Virtual Meeting Thursday, January 20th at Noon; In Person Meeting Thursday, January 20th at 6:30 pm.  Please look at meeting notice provided below for details of place and contact information.
  • Traffic Study - Required - not started
  • Zoning Application and Schematic Plan Submittal -- Due upon completion of sketch plan review.
  • Community Meeting - TBD
  • Planning Board Meeting - TBD
  • City Council Public Hearing - TBD


If you would like to speak with someone about this Project, please see the information below.

Shelley DeHart
Planning and Zoning Director

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