Belmont Composts

Program Information

Belmont Composts was developed collaboratively by the City of Belmont and Crown Town Compost with grant funding support from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. The city allocated funds for a six-month pilot program to provide innovative sustainability practices to residents.

By participating in the City of Belmont's composting program, it is possible to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and nourish the soil.

Who Can Participate?

The program is open to any City of Belmont resident who enrolls. Non- residents and commercial interests are not currently eligible.

How Does It Work?

  1. Click here to enroll in the Belmont Composts Program!
  2. Collect food scraps and other accepted materials in the container you receive or another convenient container. Containers can be lined with a certified compostable bag. If you are using a liner, please only use bags with the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) logo or a paper bag.  No lining is necessary, and regular plastic shopping bags are NOT allowed.
  3. Take the full container to any of the Belmont food waste drop-off sites below, unlock the cart with the code you received in your registration confirmation, and empty your container into the bin.
  4. Crown Town Compost will collect all food waste at the drop-off sites on a weekly basis, they process the waste into finished compost.

      Compost bins are not available for pickup now, we will notify residents when they are ready.

Food Waste Drop - Off Sites:

  • The McLean Community - 175 Armstrong Rd. (near the gravel parking area to the left of the driveway)
  • South Point High School - 906 S Point Rd.  (near the dumpsters)
  • Linford Park - 1010 Cason St. (near waste bins)
  • Ebb Gantt Soccer Fields - 500 Brook St. (near waste bins to the far left)
  • Davis Park - 204 Park Dr. (near waste bins)

To Waste Less and Do More:

Want To Learn More?

If you have questions, contact Public Works Beautification Coordinator, Mariah Kendrick at 704-825-8587 or email at

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