FAQ Topic: Zoning

How do I report a minimum housing violation?

You can report a minimum housing violation online here or by contacting the city’s code enforcement officer via email at lyager@cityofbelmont.org, or by phone at 704-829-4024.

What information is needed to report a code violation?

It is important to provide the code enforcement officer good information to aid them in carrying out the initial inspection.  Information needed include the address or good description of the location, details of what violation you are reporting, and a picture if available.  Pictures can be included in reporting by email to lyager@cityofbelmont.org, through the … Continued

How do I report a code violation?

There are a couple of ways to report a possible code violation.  Please visit Code Enforcement – Belmont, NC (cityofbelmont.org) for more information. 

I received an invite to a Neighborhood/Community Meeting, what is that?

You have received notice for a neighborhood meeting because a property nearby has applied for a conditional re-zoning. The City of Belmont requires developers making this request to hold at least one community meeting to inform the surrounding property owners about their plans for development. While these meetings are not organized by the City, we … Continued

What is the difference between a legislative hearing and an evidentiary hearing?

North Carolina uses two different types of hearings to formally obtain comment on proposed zoning decisions: legislative hearings and evidentiary hearings. Legislative hearings allow citizens to comment on a specific proposal and provide their opinion in front of those making the decision. Evidentiary hearings are much like a court proceeding-witnesses present testimony, exhibits are submitted, … Continued

What is a Variance?

A variance is a permit to allow deviation from the City’s Land Development Code due to a physical constraint found on your property.  This process requires your request to go before a citizen’s board,  the Board of Adjustment, to hear and reach a decision on your request.  For more information call the Planning Department at … Continued

What is a re-zoning?

A re-zone is the process of changing the existing zoning classification to a new classification.  Each zoning classification has set permitted land uses and regulations for development that must be followed.

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