Stormwater Management

"Keep it clean, we all live downstream"

Stormwater   Marked Drain

Lake Wylie

The city of Belmont Stormwater Management works to:

  • Increase public awareness of stormwater issues
  • Maintain public storm drainage systems in City streets and City rights-of-way
  • Prevent or reduce flood risks
  • Protect the quality of water in our creeks, rivers, and lakes

To improve the quality of our creeks, streams, and lakes, we:

  • Educate residents and businesses about pollution prevention
  • Enforce ordinances designed to protect water quality
  • Investigate spills, illegal dumping, and illicit discharges

Please call the Stormwater Hotline (704) 901-2076:

  • To Report pollution, spills, illegal dumping, illicit discharges
  • To Report Erosion Control Issues
  • To Report Flooding
  • To Request Services
  • For Questions on Stormwater

Volunteer Storm Drain Labeling Program

During and after a rain event, stormwater runoff goes down the storm drains untreated and into the nearest stream and river. It’s important that we help to protect our waterways. The volunteer storm drain labeling program is a great way to get involved and help educate your neighborhood and community on stormwater pollution.

The program is ideal for HOAs/Neighborhood Groups, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops, Church Groups, Civic Groups, 4H Clubs, and School Clubs that are looking for a community education project.

Contact the City of Belmont’s Stormwater Coordinator by for more information and to get involved! You may use the Contact button below.

Stormwater Management Plan

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