How should I respond to an CityConnect public emergency message?

Listen carefully and follow the instructions. You will be able to replay the message and write down phone numbers and addresses. Contact the phone numbers provided within the message for more information. Do not call 911 for more information. In a public emergency situation, the 911 dispatch will be very busy responding to individual emergency calls. They will not be able to answer questions related to CityConnect messages.

Understandably, people want to know what is happening and what is being done during a public emergency. However, calling the Department of Emergency Services and 911 ties up phone lines and human resources that can best be used managing the emergency. During an emergency situation, the Department of Emergency Services will use the CityConnect communications system to provide ongoing information updates as circumstances change. One of the purposes of the CityConnect communications system is to provide timely and accurate information to residents, freeing Emergency Services resources to appropriately manage the situation at hand.

You should always tune to local television and radio stations. Your emergency preparedness plan should include a battery-operated radio.

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