City of Belmont Police Staff

Chad Hawkins – Chief of Police Chief of Police 704-825-3792 Email
Boyce “Corky” Falls – Assistant Chief of Police Assistant Chief of Police 704-829-4058 Email
Jason Davis – Administrative Captain Administrative Captain 704-829-4037 Email
Todd Davis – Patrol Captain Patrol Captain 704-829-4007 Email
Arthur Pullen – Patrol Lieutenant Patrol Lieutenant 704-829-4030 Email
Victoria Rumfelt – Administrative Assistant Police Administrative Assistant 704-829-4017 Email
Charla Ellis Police Assistant 704-829-4016 Email
Tyler Graham – PARC/CALEA Director PARC/CALEA Manager 980-241-5019 Email
Mike Lari Internal Affairs Detective 704-829-4023 Email
Scott Wyatt Training/Off Duty Coordinator 704-829-4018 Email
Aaron Black Sergeant 704-829-4056 Email
Allen Buchanon Sergeant 704-829-4062 Email
Anthony Green Sergeant Email
Harold Paul Sergeant
Mark Tucker Sergeant
Matthew Stroupe Sergeant
Matthew Sherrill Detective 704-829-4079 Email
Angela Spataro Detective 704-829-4082 Email
Anthony Anderson Detective 704-829-4042 Email
Alejandro Valverde Corporal
Cody Willett Corporal Email
Richard Lorenz Corporal
Trey Clinton Corporal
Mike Fussell Corporal Email
Mark Reid Property and Evidence Officer
Gerold Kimble K-9 Officer
Kreston Seigler K-9 Officer
Ben Henderson Downtown Officer Email
Daniel Marlow DWI Enforcement Officer Email
Mike Harris Traffic Officer Email
Kristen Wilson Traffic Officer
Doug Huffstetler School Resource Officer Email
James Reagan School Resource Officer Email
Pheap Kang School Resource Officer Email
Keith Haynie Officer
Aaron Thompson Officer 704-825-3792 Email
Blake Farmer Officer Email
Haven Guffie Officer Email
Ethan Johnson Officer Email
Tony Cape Officer
Sam Dunlap Officer Email
Tristan Buchanan Officer Email
Travis Jones Officer Email
Ivory Craig Reserve Officer Email
Allyson Baxter Records 704-829-4017 Email
Lindsay Yager Code Enforcement Officer 704-829-4024 Email
Misty Rumney Property and Evidence Technician Email
Dean Letorney PIT Police Assistant
Ben Dunivan Reserve Email
Christian Hawkins Reserve Email
Todd Garrett Reserve
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