Patrol Division


This Police Division is responsible for patrolling the City of Belmont and responding to calls for service. This division is split into four different shifts. The employees and the shifts they operate in are listed below.

Adam Team

Amya Morrison Patrol Officer
Travis Jones Patrol Corporal
Tyler Miller Patrol Sergeant

Baker Team

Adrianna Compton Patrol Officer
Haven Guffie K-9 Officer
Kreston Seigler Patrol Corporal (K9)
Michael Glover Patrol Officer
Richard “Nate” McRee Patrol Sergeant

Charlie Team

Gerold Kimble K-9 Officer
Kevin Wingate Patrol Officer
Kristen Wilson Patrol Corporal
Matthew Stroupe Patrol Sergeant
Timothy Davis Patrol Officer

David Team

Chris Holmes Patrol Sergeant
David Whatley K-9 Officer
Madison Rudisill Patrol Officer
Richard Lorenz Patrol Corporal
Tyler Briscoe Patrol Officer
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