Land Use Regulations

Land use regulations allows a city to shape its community's environment and property tax base.  Zoning is the most important method of applying land use regulations.  In Belmont, our zoning regulations are compiled in the Land Development Code.  These regulations are adopted by the City Council and applied to all proposed developments within the city and the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). These regulations may be amended periodically, keeping pace with changes in the market, land use, and technology.  The Land Development Code is presented by chapters below.

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code is the zoning ordinance for the City of Belmont.

Chapter Not ListedPlease note that Chapter 14 was not adopted by City Council and therefore is not listed below. These chapters are amended periodically.

Watershed Information

For Watershed documents and information, please see below.

Land Development Standards Manual

The City of Belmont is creating a Land Development Standards Manual for contractors, developers, and others to use when submitting development plans to the city. The manual has not been completed, but chapters will be posted as they are approved by the Belmont City Council. The currently available chapters are below.

Maintenance & Repair Policy

The City of Belmont has also adopted a Sanitary Sewer Service Maintenance and Repair Policy. This policy addresses what the City will maintain and repair along the sewer service lines and what a property owner must maintain and repair along the sewer service line.

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