Going Green with Goats

Posted on May 2, 2022


The City is utilizing goats on the land south of Wilkinson Blvd near the Abbey Creek to clear out the overgrown underbrush and eat the invasive kudzu that has taken over the area. These goats are environmentally friendly, will have minimal negative impact to the area ecosystems, and let’s be honest they are so much more fun to see then heavy construction equipment!

These goats will be “eating” on the job until late fall. They will be moved to different locations when they finish goatscaping the area in their enclosure.
Motorists may be able to see the goats when driving, but PLEASE do NOT stop or park on the side of the street to go see them. This can be dangerous for you and others. The goats are also behind an electric fence.
Instead, take a moment to meet our new goats online at www.cityofbelmont.org/goats! Future meet and greet opportunities will also be posted as they arise.
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