Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Entrance Signage

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Entrance Signage - ZA2020.06

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is beginning to implement a number of improvements to its main entrance on South New Hope Road, including new landscaping and signage. The plans call for signs that exceed the city's sign ordinance.

Entrance signage is proposed on PID# 193710, but rezoning request also includes PID#s 193702, 193703, 193704, 193705, 193707, 193708, 193709, 200974, 204297, 220008, 221690, 221689. (234.75 acres total) to encompass all properties owned by Daniel J Stowe Conservancy within municipal limits.

APPROVED February 1, 2021 at 6:00 PM


If you would like to speak with someone about this Project, please see the information below.


Tiffany Faro
Planning and Zoning Director

(704) 829-4010 ext. 3011
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