Conservancy Amendment

ZA2020.01 Conservancy Amendment

This item was scheduled to be heard by the Planning  Board on June 18, 2020, however, a lawsuit has been filed by one of the petitioners--Essex Homes.  The city does not hear cases when in active litigation with a petitioner. Therefore, the case has been removed from the agenda and may be rescheduled upon disposition of the lawsuit.

Lot NumberAddressEncroachment
8423 Trillium Way1 1/2 inches
12439 Trillium Way3 feet
86515 Trillium Way3 feet  and  1/2 inch
90527 Trillium Way6 1/2 inches
107520 Trillium Way2 feet  and 3 inches
109512 Trillium Way3 feet  and one 1/2 inches
112500 Trillium Way3 feet and one 1/2 inches
120420 Trillium Way2 inches
123408 Trillium Way4 inches

The request is to modify the approved conditional zoning approval to allow nine lots to have a smaller garage setback than what was approved for the Conservancy community due to a construction oversight by Essex Homes.  This amendment is proposed to only affect the nine lots which are:

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