The City of Belmont owns and maintains the grounds for two cemeteries. We can provide information about individuals who may be buried in certain plots as well as provide information about plots that may be available for purchase. The two cemeteries that we maintain are listed below.

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is located off of S Main Street in Belmont, directly beside the First Presbyterian Church.


For a map of Greenwood Cemetery, please see the Greenwood Cemetery Map document below.

Goshen Cemetery

Many Belmont residents are unaware that Goshen Cemetery is actually two separate cemeteries. The plots, gravestones and markers that are located inside of the stone wall belong to Goshen Presbyterian Church. The grounds housing the plots, gravestones and markers located outside of the stone wall are owned and maintained by the City of Belmont. Due to these cemeteries being located directly beside one another, this has caused much confusion over the years. If the plot that you have questions about is inside of the stone wall, please contact Goshen Presbyterian Church as they will be in possession of those records. You may click on the button below to visit Goshen Presbyterian's webpage.

Cemetery Requests

If you would like to request Grave Marking at one of the above mentioned Cemeteries or would like to request something else,  you may click on the Cemetery Requests button below. This will direct you to our online reporting portal.


Crystal Wayman is the Administrative Assistant for our Public Works Department and oversees book keeping and citizen inquiries for our Cemeteries. To contact Crystal you may click on the Contact button below to be directed to her Employee Profile.

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