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 Belmont Demographic and Infrastructure Overview

The City of Belmont has a population of approximately 15,000 and is located on the I-85 corridor just west of Charlotte, North Carolina. Belmont has a diverse commercial and industrial base consisting of local and national companies. The City is a full-service municipality and currently operates and maintains sixty (60) centerline miles of streets, one hundred (100) miles of water distribution system with three (3) elevated storage tanks, ninety (90) miles of sanitary sewer system with twenty-four (24) lift stations, a 5.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment facility, and a 10.0 MGD Water Treatment Facility.

Professional Service Categories

The City is seeking Letters of Interest/Statement of Qualifications (“LOI/SOQ”) from firms to provide professional civil engineering and related consulting services including, but not limited to:

  • Preliminary Engineering Studies and reports
  • Grant writing, applications, and administration
  • Design, including field surveys, plan, and specification preparation
  • Permitting (NCDEQ, NCDOT, USACE, FEMA, )
  • Construction Services including bidding, contract administration, and observation
  • Asset and records management (GIS, web hosting, )
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation surveys
  • Land surveying
  • Transportation
  • Land development and planning
  • Water resources planning
  • Financial analysis and rate studies
  • ADA Transitioning
  • Pavement condition surveys
  • Such additional civil engineering as may be needed by the City

Project Categories

The City anticipates selecting multiple firms to provide these services on a wide variety of projects requiring expertise and experience to the following broad categories:

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection
  • Geographic Information Systems Management
  • Storm Drainage Conveyance and Stormwater Management
  • Asset Management Systems including utilities, pavement, sidewalks, and storm drainage
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • City-occupied Buildings and Facilities Selection Process

Evaluation and selection of firms will be a Qualification Based Selection process in accordance with NCGS 143-64.31. Price will NOT be considered in the selection phase. A variety of factors will be considered in the selection of qualified engineering firms including, but not limited to:

  • Specific municipal engineering experience in the categories outlined above
  • Availability of qualified staff to perform work
  • Previous performance with respective project delivery, particularly schedules, and budgets
  • Previous performance in respect to success rate for grant and low interest loan applications
  • Approach to providing excellent customer service, through effective communication, coordination, and management of projects, especially schedules and budgets

Master Agreement and Specific Project (Task Order) Assignments

The following information shall be submitted with the maximum pages noted:

  • A Cover Letter/Letter of Interest/Statement (5 pages maximum) that states the firm’s interest and expertise in one or more of the specific categories listed above that briefly describes which services that are provided by the firm, when the firm was founded, number of employees, office locations, including any proposed sub-consultants with like information. Minority business firms are encouraged to submit Statements of Qualifications.
  • A list of key staff/sub-consultants proposed for project assignment including Principal in Charge, Project Manager/Engineer, Construction Administrator, Sub-Consultants, This should include overall experience, tenure with the firms/subs, certifications/licenses, and areas of expertise (10 pages maximum – no more than 1 page per person/sub).
  • Related Project Experience comprised of five (5) recently completed municipal projects, including client/reference contact information, brief project description, initial and final project budget, construction cost and fees (5 pages maximum – no more than 1 page per project).
  • Maximum LOI SOQ submittal document size is twenty (20) pages, excluding firm’s work examples.
  • A sample of the firm’s work represented by a Preliminary Engineering Report, typical construction plan sheets, details, etc. is an additional twenty (20) pages maximum.

A group of key City staff will evaluate each LOI SOQ submittal, based on the specific submittal information requested, and may also utilize interviews, reference checks, past performance, etc. to evaluate and rate each submittal.



Submittal Format/Deadline and Selection Schedule

Questions related to the RFQ shall be submitted by email to no later than January 13, 2023. Every attempt will be made to provide responses by January 20, 2023.

Electronic submittals (email) or hardcopy submittals shall include the LOI SOQ Cover Letter, list of key staff, and project experience in a single .pdf with a maximum of twenty (20) pages, in addition to a separate .pdf (20 page maximum) of work examples.

Electronic or hard copy submittals are due no later than January 23, 2023, at 3:00 pm.

Due to email file size limitations, firms may provide access to a File Transfer site in their electronic submittal sites for file download of the LOI SOQ and work examples.

It is the intent of the City to finalize the selection process by February 1, 2023. It is anticipated that based on the selected firms and the anticipated capital project needs, Master Service Agreements with each selected firm will be in place by March 2023.

Submittals shall be directed to:
Bill Carroll, Public Works Director
(704) 825-0506 (Office)

US Mail                                                                        Physical Address
City of Belmont                                                      City of Belmont
PO Box 431                                                              1401 E Catawba St
Belmont, NC 28012                                            Belmont, NC 28012

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