115 & 117 Prince Street Special Use Permit

115 & 117 Prince Street - Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit - SUP 2021.01

A request to subdivide two existing parcels, totaling 0.6 acres, into three lots with lot widths less than the block average or within 300 feet. The property owner/applicant is required to obtain approval of a special use permit in order to create lots less than the average lot width pursuant to section 5.4(2) of the Land Development Code.  The intent is to subdivide the lot into three 50-foot wide parcels and construct three new single family homes.

Location:  115 & 117 Prince Street, Belmont; PID # 301930 and #301931

Applicant: Andrew Lineberger Builders, LLC

Project Status:

  • Zoning Application and Schematic Plan Submittal 
  • Under staff  review
  • City Council Public Hearing - March 1, 2021 - APPROVED BY CITY COUNCIL


If you would like to speak with someone about this Project, please see the information below.

Tiffany Faro
Planning and Zoning Director

(704) 829-4010 ext. 3011
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