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Properties nominated for local landmark status

The Charles T. and Beatrice Chafin Stowe House, 304 South Central Avenue

Stowe House final report

Historic Preservation Advisory Board

The City of Belmont has a distinctive and important history as a thriving town and textile manufacturing center, and has been a city of sundry cultural origins and ancestral traditions.  As a consequence of the city's historic background its architectural character grew from the vision of its landowners and citizens who saw the area evolve through four centuries of progress and expansion. The city wishes to protect its architectural past by enlisting the help of interested citizens who are dedicated to the cause of preserving our history through observation, research and education.

On April 1, 2019, the city council established a historic preservation advisory board to further these goals by assisting the property owners of residential and commercial building in the voluntary designation of local landmarks, to promote historic preservation efforts, and to coordinate with the Gaston County Historic Preservation and our local historic organizations in this pursuit.

The city is now accepting applications for board membership.  The membership make-up and duties are:

  • The board will be composed of 5 members.
  • At least three members must live in the historic district or own property within. All members must reside within the city limits.
  • The board will be appointed to staggered one-, two-, or three-year terms at first, and then three-year terms thereafter.
  • The board will establish its by-laws and will meet monthly.
  • The board will be responsible for:
    • Recommending local structures for voluntary designation as a local historic landmark by Gaston County and the City of Belmont.
    • Reviewing and recommending approval or denial of applications for certificates of appropriateness for existing landmarks within the jurisdiction.
    • Educating the public on the value of our historic properties and the benefits of local landmark designation; assist with the application process where possible.
    • Any other duties the city council may see fit to assign.


  • Alexander Szucs, Chair
  • Susan Murphy, Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Simmons
  • Amanda Wall


If you would like to apply for a position on the Historic Preservation Advisory Board, please use the Submit Application button below.

Melissa Lockamy
City Planner

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