Meet the Goats!


Boer/Kiko; 3.5 years old

Ana is a very hardy goat. She can be bossy when it comes to food, but she is a good protector of the herd. We hope she will have kids this season.




Bella came to the team from a fellow farmer.  Her son Jet  came along with her. This is her first big job, but we have high hopes for this girl.


British Alpine; 4 years old

She is a dominant in the herd and will protect them from stray dogs and coyotes. She enjoys pineapple tops and cantaloupe. She is one of the heavier milkers.

black magic

Black Magic

Nubian Cross; 4 years old

Black Magic is the father to Spot. He was extremely wild when we he first joined the team. Over the last few years his people have worked with him and now he is a great working goat. He will come for treats, but is still not big on pets.


Kiko Wether; 3 years old

Casper has been highly complimented on his impressive horns. He can he very pushy with smaller goats. He likes to be top dog in the herd and first to the food bowl.  He doesn't like being petted but is a great asset to the team.





Cayenne was saved from the auction. She has a beautiful set of twins and is a good eater.


Kiko / Boer; 4 years old

Cross was rescued from being taken to auction. She will come for food but is on the shyer side. She likes oranges and banana peels.



Nubian/Boer; 1 year old

Colby was born on the Green Goat farm. Colby's mom is Spice. He loves treats but is not big on being petted. This is his first big job and so far he is doing a great.


Alpine Wether; 1.5 years old

Hansel is extremely laid back. He loves pets and is very friendly. He enjoys kids and attention. When Hansel is home he enjoys laying in the sun on top of his shelter.




Boer/ Kiko; 3 years old

Noel was born on the farm. Her birthday is Christmas eve. She doesn't like pets but really enjoys any food you give her. She will push to front just to steal treats from someone else's mouth.


Oreo joined the team because his previous owner was downsizing. He is a hard worker on the job. He is not much for being petted but loves treats. He likes the ivy on the trees the most. We have been told when everyone else is napping he is the one pulling late shift.


Toggenburg; 4 years old

Porter retired from being a trained cart goat to become a member of the team. He is another protector of the herd and will not hesitate while doing his job. He also has a impressive set of horns.


Oberhasli; 3 years old

Pumpkin was rescued along with Sage. She came to the team pregnant unknowingly and gave birth on Thanksgiving. She is pretty easy going. She also likes her solitude and like anything sweet.


Lamancha; 4 years old

Rasta is a gentleman. He loves pets and food. He is a rescue from a bad situation. He loves watermelon and crackers. He loves laying in the sun and getting the high branches.


Alpine; 3 years old

Sage was rescued from a farm so she wouldn't go to auction. She is very food motivated. She hangs at the back of the pack and she likes her solitude. She likes Brussel sprouts and cabbage.


Boer; 5 years old

Sandy loves crackers and any treat she can fit in her mouth. She is a loner you will she her wandering on her own most times. She joined the team from a farmer selling his herd. She can be very social when she wants to but is a good worker.


Boer Cross; 1 year old

Shadow is a fan favorite. He is sweet boy. The reason he is named Shadow is because he follows his people around, most of the time on their heels. He is very loving and seeks attention.



Savanna/ Kiko; 1 year old

Silver enjoys treats and cucumbers. He is still are still getting used to being petted but he is coming around. He has come a long way from the beginning.


Kiko/Boer/ Nubian; 5 years old

Spice likes to be the boss. She is very vocal when is comes to food. She has had two set of twins and is a great mother. She does not like her pedicure done.


Nubian Cross; 2 years old

Spot likes to show the younger generation of working goats how the job is done. He is very laid back and enjoys his job. His dad is black magic.

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