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Chronicle Mill Zoning Amendment – Chronicle Duplexes

Amendment of Approved Conditional Zoning District - Chronicle Duplexes

A request to amend an approved conditional zoning district to allow a change in building form . The request is for the development of 3 duplexes (6 units) instead of the originally approved 10 townhomes. The amendment includes:

  • the modification of the approved condition allowing townhomes on the corner lots of E. Catawba Street and South First Street to now allow for duplexes due to deed restrictions; and
  • seeking relief in the area of a unique building form.


  • Sketch Plan √
  • Traffic Analysis-- a TIA was approved with the initial rezoning action.  
  • Community Meeting -- Monday, January 31st, 2022 at 6:00 PM via Zoom.  
  • Planning Board Meeting -- TBD
  • City Council Meeting -- TBD 


If you would like to speak with someone about this project, please see the contact information below.

Peyton Ratchford
Associate Planner

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