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Accessory Structure Amendment-Approved and adopted

Text Amendment 2019.02

A request to amend multiple chapters of the Belmont Land Development code to modernize accessory structure regulations and add specific provisions to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  The city initiated this amendment in order to adopt zoning regulations that implement the goals of the comprehensive land use plan, specifically regarding housing choice, housing affordability, and the ability to age in place.  While adding the ADU provisions, general accessory structure regulations were consolidated and changes were made to address concerns presented to staff.

By adopting the proposed amendment, the city will be implementing the following Comprehensive Land Use Plan goals and action items:

  1. Goal #1 Land Use – by taking a balanced approach to land use and allowing a mix of choice in housing.
  2. Goal #2 Economy – by fostering a diversified tax base that may increase affordability and allow residents options to age in place.
  3. Chapter 6 action item that states “Ensure that the Land Development Code permits residential growth and development that allows residents to age in place within neighborhoods.”
  4. Chapter 6 action item that states “Permit and encourage the development of accessory dwellings in single-family neighborhoods and establish design criteria to minimize their impact on adjacent properties and neighborhood character”.


Project Status:

  • Research best practices and standards in other communities.  
  • Present research, findings, and draft text to Planning and Zoning board for feedback.  
  • Form subcommittee to address existing ordinance and ADU concerns. 
  • Perform additional research, analysis, and create draft text versions for review.  
  • Prepare final draft ordinance for review by staff and subcommittee. 
  • Planning Board Meeting - Unanimously recommended approval to city council.
  • City Council Public Hearing - Held public hearing and adopted proposed regulations on September 8, 2020.


If you would like to speak with someone about this Project, please see the information below.

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