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Variance Application


    Request to be heard by the Belmont Board of Adjustment. A consultation with the Planning & Zoning Staff is required prior to submission. 704-901-2610

  2. Property Owner Information

    If applicant is not the property owner

  3. Identify the chapter and section from the code associated with this variance request

  4. Upload site plan if applicable


    The variance process requires adjacent property owner notification for the public hearing. Adjacent properties include properties located across the street. Please list - Names and address on a separate sheet and upload.

  6. Please upload list

  7. Required Board Findings

    The Board of Adjustment after having held a public hearing to consider the request for a variance to the Belmont Regulating Ordinance, will make the following findings of fact and draw the following conclusions in order to render their decision. 1) There are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in the way of carrying out the strict letter of the Ordinance. 2) That the variance is in harmony with the general purpose and intent of this Ordinance and preserves its spirit. 3) That in granting of the variance, the public safety and welfare have been assured and substantial justice has been done. 4) That the reasons set forth in the application justify the granting of a variance, and that the variance is a minimum one that will make possible the reasonable use of land or structures.

  8. Applicant Proposed Findings

    Please address each finding

  9. Note: Hardships resulting from personal circumstances or from conditions that are common to the neighborhood or the general public, may not be the basis for granting a variance.

  10. Note: The act of purchasing property with knowledge that circumstances exist that may justify the granting of a variance shall not be regarded as a self-created hardship);

  11. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.

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