Recycle in Belmont

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can pizza boxes ever be recycled?
    • Yes - minimal grease is fine, left over pizza should be thrown in the trash and the pizza box should be flattened
  2. Does the plastic wrapper and cap need to be removed from a plastic water bottle to be recycled? Would it help to remove them?
    • No - the wrapper and cap can be left on the water/soda bottles
  3. Can beer bottle caps be recycled?
    • Yes
  4. Are all canned-food cans (e.g. for tuna or green beans) recyclable?  
    • Yes - All canned food cans are recyclable. Please rinse them out.
  5. Does paper label need to be removed from canned-food cans before recycling?
    • No - the paper label does not need to be removed from the can
  6. How clean do plastic or paper food containers need to be for recycling?  Completely clean of all food remnants?  Oils?
    • Plastic and cardboard “to-go” containers from restaurants should not be placed in the recycling bin, no matter how clean they are. These are your typical “clam shell” type containers. 
  7. How do we confirm which plastics can be put in the recycling bin? Can hangers be recycled?
    • The recycling facility we take our collections to is currently accepting plastic bottles (water/soda) and detergent bottles. They are not accepting clam shell type containers. Examples of clam shell containers are to-go boxes from restaurants and containers for berries from the grocery store. 
    • Hangers are not recyclable and should be placed in the trash along with Styrofoam and "solo cups.
  8. How do we confirm which glass can be put in the recycling bin? Can broken glass be recycled? 
    • Most hard glass items (bottles, vases, etc.) should be recycled. Mirrors, windows, and ceramics are NOT recyclable. If glass is broken, please dispose properly in the garbage can, not the recycling bin.
  9. How do we confirm which metals can be put in the recycling bin?
    • Perishable food cans and aluminum cans are safe to recycle. Scrap metals are not recyclable.
  10. Can plastic bags ever be recycled? 
    • No, No, No. Plastic (grocery and trash) bags tear up up the sorting machines and should be placed in the trash bin or returned to local grocery stores.
  11. Can candy wrappers and materials of the like be recycled? 
    • No, these should be placed in the trash bin.
  12. Can aerosol cans be recycled?  Is there any preparation that is required to be properly recycled? 
    • Yes, they can be recycled and no preparation needs to be done.
  13. Can Styrofoam ever be put in the recycling bin? 
    • No - Styrofoam should never be placed in the recycle bin.
  14. Can egg cartons be recycled? 
    • Egg cartons can be recycled only is they are made out of cardboard. The Styrofoam ones need to be placed in the trash bin.
  15. Does the tape need to be removed from cardboard boxes in order to recycle (E.g. Packing tape on Amazon boxes)?  
    • The tape does not need to be removed from the boxes. All cardboard boxes should be flattened. When rolling your recycle bin to the curb, open the lid, place all flattened cardboard items on top of the bin, and close the lid so that it holds them in place.
  16. Is there a limit on how many flattened cardboard boxes they will take (E.g. boxes broken down next to the recycling bin)? 
    • No, however, Waste Pro asks that if you have an excessive amount of cardboard boxes, call them to schedule a bulk pick up. Waste Pro will pick up the boxes, at no cost, to new movers. Waste Pro: 704-839-7800
  17. Is gift wrap recyclable?  
    • No, all gift wrap should be placed in the garbage bin.
  18. Is tissue paper (Kleenex) recyclable? 
    • Yes
  19. Can mail be recycled? 
    • Yes. However if the mail contains private and personal information, it should be shredded and placed in the garbage bin.
  20. Can envelopes with plastic insert screen be recycled? 
    • Yes
  21. Can paper with staples be recycled? 
    • Yes
  22. Can shredded paper be recycled? 
    • No - Shredded paper should be bagged and placed in the garbage bin. The city holds several events each year where a Shred-It truck is on site. Follow the city's Facebook page to know when the next Shred-It event will be.
  23. What are the items that should definitely not be recycled that are sometimes seen in our recycling bins? 
    • Plastic Bags, garden hoses, blinds, pieces of wood, construction material, yard waste, clothes
    • Please consider the following alternatives: 
      • Plastic bags - may be returned to local grocery stores
      • Motor oil and oil filters - Save and dispose at one of Gaston County's hazardous waste pick up days
      • TVs and other electronics - these items can be picked up during Bulk Pick Up weeks 
  24. Are light bulbs recyclable?
    • Fluorescent bulbs should be placed in the trash, halogen lights are hazardous waste and should not be placed in the recycling bins.
  25. How should items with mixed materials be recycled? (ie. mixed nuts cardboard container with metal rim, tissue boxes with plastic film, milk cartons with plastic caps, etc.) 
    • All of these items may be placed in the recycling bins
  26. Can recyclables be placed in a trash bag, or should they be placed in recycle bins directly, without a bag? 
    • They should be placed directly into the bin. Trash bags are not recyclable.
  27. Can aluminum lids for containers be recycled? (Yogurt containers, fresh seals, contact lens packaging, etc.) 
    • Yes 
  28. What are the top most valuable materials for recycling? 
    • Large plastic items, for example, milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. Clean cardboard is also valuable. Just keep in mind that it needs to be flattened out.
  29. Can clean napkins or paper towels  be recycled? (Unused or with just water) 
    • No - napkins and paper towels are not recyclable
  30. Can paper plates be recycled? 
    • No - paper plates need to be thrown in the garbage cans 
  31. Can fast food paper bags be recycled? 
    • No 
  32. Can waxed paperboard (cereal boxes, milk containers, to-go containers, etc) be recycled? 
    • No
  33. Can jar lids be recycled? 
    • Yes
  34. Can bubble wrap be recycled? 
    • No
  35. Can padded envelopes be recycled? 
    • Yes
  36. Can pump tops for soap/shampoo be recycled? 
    • No - the pump tops should be placed in the garbage cans. If the bottle is made of a recyclable plastic it may go int he recycle bin without the pump top

Pick Up Days

Recycled Material is picked up by Waste Pro every other week collection on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Calendars are available in City Hall. 


There will be no waste services on holidays. Pickup will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the holiday week. Observed Holidays: 

  • January 1
  • May 25
  • July 4
  • September 2
  • November 28
  • December 25