Developing in the Special Flood Hazard Area


Effective July 1, 2019: All floodplain reviews will be completed by Gaston County Planning and Development Services. Applicants will need to provide the following documents to Gaston County for review: 

  • Zoning permit from local entity or county
  • Site plan or survey with flood boundary clearly indicated, home or structure marked and any existing or proposed structures and impervious areas, storage areas and drainage facilities - if fill is to be incorporated that needs to be clearly marked and elevation in relation to mean sea level
  • Flood Development Permit Application
  • Elevation Certificate - Signed and Sealed (vents if applicable) 
    • EC - Prior to start of construction
    • 2nd EC - after reference level is established - footings 
    • As-Built EC - after construction is complete prior to CO
  • Floodplain Certificate - If applicable; with supporting data, operational, inspection, and maintenance plans are required prior to construction
  • Utility Plan for Elevating Mechanical and Electrical 
  • Fill Areas - May require a signed and sealed compaction certification  

Permit Information, Plans, Inspections, and Payments for GASTON COUNTY BUILDING can be processed and viewed online at:

For more information about Developing in the Special Flood Hazard Area of Gaston County please contact:

Jena Goodman

Planning GIS Manager

Flood and Watershed Administrator