Wilkinson Blvd/ N. Main Street Intersection Improvement Project

UPDATE 5/23/2019: The project schedule for this project has changed.  It was added to the I-85 widening project scope that is scheduled to begin in 2023.

Project Description
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) proposes improvements to the Main Street (NC 7) and Wilkinson Boulevard (US 29/74) intersection.  The proposed project is in the City of Belmont within Gaston County.  

new map belmont-mount-holly-interchange

Improve the traffic flow of the intersection.  Currently, the intersection is congested and is operating below an acceptable Level of Service. 
  • Peak AM/PM traffic: the intersection operates at Level of Service E (unstable, congested).  
  • Level of Service:  is a quantitative measure of traffic operational conditions.  Six levels of service are defined for each type of roadway and given a letter designation from A: representing good operating conditions to F: representing unsatisfactory operating conditions.   
Traffic Analysis:
  • 2040 Traffic: Existing Intersection Configuration
    ​- Level of Service: F
    - Congested, Long Delays, Stop-n-Go
  • 2040 Traffic: Proposed Michigan Left Configuration
    - Level of Service: C
    - Reduced Congestion, Better Traffic Flow
    - 30 - 60% Reduction in Crashes
    - 20 - 50% Traffic Capacity Improvement