Permits for New Single Family Homes

Please Note: In response to COVID-19, The Planning Department will only be performing inspections on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays until further notice. 

Requests should be made at least 2 business days in advance, and will be performed on the next scheduled inspection date. 

Process for New Construction Single Family Homes

Step 1: Complete New Construction Residential Zoning Permit Application

Step 2: (Staff will complete a pre-construction lot inspection within 2 business days of receiving the zoning permit application. If your lot is not ready for this inspection, do not submit your application.) 

*Use the checklist below to make sure your lot is ready for the pre-construction lot inspection.

Pre-Construction Lot Inspection Checklist

Step 3: If the lot passes the pre-construction lot inspection, a staff member will email you to let you know that your zoning permit is ready for payment and processing. This email will have an attached invoice showing what fees have been paid and any remaining balance. If the lot does not pass the initial inspection, a staff member will email you a re-inspection invoice with a breakdown of why the lot did not pass its inspection. 

Step 4: Pay fees and issue zoning permit | Pay re-inspection fees and schedule re-inspection

Step 5: Water Meter Request Form: When you are ready to have the water meter installed on your lot, follow the link to complete the water meter request form. Please note that work orders will not be created if this form has not been completed or if fees have not been paid. Please call 704-901-2610 with any questions. 

Step 6: Sealed Foundation Survey  (This step must be completed prior to your framing inspection with Gaston County) For all permits issued after March 1, 2019 a sealed foundation survey must be uploaded. This survey will be reviewed within 24 hours (business days) and approval to move forward will be sent to the county and applicant. Foundation surveys need to show the all setback measurements: front, sides, rear, and driveway if there is a front/street facing garage)

Step 7: Certificate of Zoning Compliance: In order to receive your Certificate of Occupancy from Gaston County, you must have a final compliance inspection completed. The link will direct you to the request form. Please note that applicants must fill out the request form two business days prior to the requested inspection date. 

For questions about the new construction residential permitting process, please call us at 704-901-2610

new SFR

Re-Inspection Requests

Please keep in mind that all re-inspection fees must be paid prior to requesting a re-inspection. All inspections will be scheduled out two business days from the day your application is received. For tips on inspections, please scroll to the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the inspection process, call 704-901-2610.

Re-Inspection Request Online Form

Day of the week application is submitted

Day lot will be inspected

Friday - SundayTuesday

Other Forms

MI Homes Submittal Form - (This form is to be used by MI Homes only)

Shea Home Submittal Form - (This form is to be used by Shea Homes only) 

Smith Douglas Submittal Form - (This form is to be used by Smith Douglas Homes only)

Taylor Morrison Submittal Form - (This form is to be used by Taylor Morrison only)

Tips for Builders/Developers

Lot # Signs - Lot number signs must remain on the site throughout the construction process. Our inspectors and utility crews depend on these signs when they are out in the field. Whether your lot is being inspected or having a water meter set, if the lot sign is not there then they will not be able to do what they were scheduled to do and you will be charged a re-inspection or repeat trip fee. 

Water Curb Stops - Water curb stops must be exposed for the pre-construction (also known as initial) inspection. Our city inspectors are looking to see that the curb stops are properly set so that a water meter can be easily attached. For them to verify this, the curb stop must be visible and not covered up in mud. 

Site Preparation for Water Meters - There is required site preparation that must be completed before requesting a water meter set. A description of what is expected can be found on the water meter request form link above.