6213 Wilkinson Blvd./Dellinger property-ZA2019.01-Approved

A request to establish a conditional zoning district on a 1.62 acre developed property to allow relief from certain zoning provisions for operation of a rental fleet auto service business not open to the general public. 

Applicant is seeking relief from specific zoning regulations including:

 *Lot frontage                                                                          (lot width of 200 ft. is required, subject property is 150 ft. wide)

*Lot size requirements                                                             (2 acres is required, subject property is 1.62 acres), and 

*Buffer width between residential properties                             (30 ft. required, 15 feet proposed with fence and supplemental landscape plantings)   

-The applicant is required to hold a community meeting.  Find meeting information here.  

-Item was heard at the Planning and Zoning Board meeting on January 24, 2019.  

-City council approved this request at their February 4, 2019 meeting.

Please contact Planner Melissa Lockamy (704) 902-2079) for more information. 

6213 site
Dellinger Sketch Plan