Requirements & Responsibilities

Time Commitment
The typical time commitment for a committee member is about 1 hour per month, with additional hours as required by projects.

General Responsibilities
Our volunteers are expected to take on the following responsibilities as part of their service:
  • Acts as a spokesperson on behalf of the committee and to the board and vice-versa
  • Always present the organization positively to the public
  • Attend monthly committee and/or subcommittee meetings if appropriate
  • Attend training sessions
  • Commit to at least 1 year of service
  • Communicate the committee's goals and progress to members and the public
  • Cooperatively draft an annual work plan
  • Learn about the Main Street Approach to downtown revitalization
  • Organize work plans and keep the committee "on-track" with work plans
  • Prepare in advance for meetings
  • Recruit and orient new members
  • Take responsibility for projects
  • Work 3 to 5 hours per month outside of committee meetings
Qualities Of an Effective Committee Member
  • Can manage a diverse personalities and conflicts
  • Displays integrity, self-confidence, persuasiveness, decisiveness, and creativity
  • Enjoys managing people and projects and is a team player
  • Genuine desire to lead the committee and make great things happen
  • Maintains a positive attitude that inspires and encourages others
  • Respects other people's viewpoints and skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Understands and teaches others about the Main Street Approach