Water Distribution & Sewer Collections Department

The Belmont Water Distribution and Sewer Collections Department is a division of the Public Works Department and oversees the:
Ensuring Safe Water
The dedicated staff of this department makes sure that the water you drink and use is safe and readily available and that the wastewater generated in Belmont is safe to return to the Catawba River.
  1. Chuck Flowers

    Utilities Director
    Phone: 704-825-0512

  2. Danny Whisnant

    Public Works Superintendent
    Phone: 704-901-2073

  3. Gary Gallagher

    Lead Development Inspector
    Phone: 704-901-2072

  4. Kyle Mitchem

    City Inspector
    Phone: 704-901-2072

  5. Randy Williams

    Backflow Coordinator
    Phone: 704-901-2090

  6. 24hr Emergency Number

    After hours and holidays
    Phone: 704-689-8716

Backflow Prevention

Land Development Standards Manual
The Belmont Land Development Standards Manual outlines the standards for water and sewer infrastructure installation. A listing of Approved Service Parts for the Water System (PDF) is also available.

Sanitary Sewer Service Maintenance & Repair Policy
The City of Belmont has adopted a policy (PDF) outlining the city's maintenance and repair obligations along sewer service lines, and the property owner's maintenance and repair obligations along the same lines.