Leaf Collection & Yard Debris

Waste Pro handles all of Belmont's leaf collection. Please call them at 980-255-3800 to report leaf, yard debris, or bulk pickup.

Leaf Season - Collection Guidelines

The leaf season begins on October 1st and runs through March 31st.

Raking Leaves

Citizens may rake leaves to the curbside or to the edge of residential lots. Please do not rake leaves into the street or onto the sidewalk. Piles of leaves in the streets can be dangerous for drivers and piles on sidewalks can be dangerous for pedestrians.
A pile of colorful fall leaves
Separating Leaf Piles
Leaf piles must be separated from all other debris or bulk items. Leaf piles will be vacuumed with an automated leaf truck and only leaf materials can pass through the vacuum system. If other debris (sticks and branches) is found within the piles, the truck can not pick them up. It’s up to the homeowner to separate individual materials.

Bagging Leaves
The City encourages you to bag your leaves to ensure quicker pickup and to assist in a cleaner storm drain and improved water run-off on your street. Any plastic bag will be acceptable.

Debris Piles
Debris piles consisting of tree limbs, branches and shrubs will be picked up by Waste Pro’s automated claw truck. 

Waste Pro crews will try to stay on a regular daily schedule but sometimes weather plays a major part in how and when they can get the leaves picked up. They will be working throughout all sections of town on most working days.

Reported Item Pickup
All reported items will be picked up within 5 days of the reported call. In the event of rain, loose leaf pickup will be delayed for several days due to the operation of the vacuum equipment. Bagged leaves will be picked up immediately when reported.