Development Plan Review Process

The City of Belmont reviews development plans for compliance with its zoning requirements, engineering and utility practices and the fire code.

Zoning Permit

If you are building, expanding, or renovating a building, including a house, you will need a zoning permit from the Planning and Zoning Department

Plan Review Process

  • All development plans are submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department.
  • Plans are then distributed to other departments.
  • Various other agencies, depending on the nature of the project, may be involved in plan review.

Land Development Code

Chapter 15 of the Land Development Code (PDF) outlines the plan review process for various development projects. The process varies depending on the size and scope of a project.

Gaston County's Role in the Process

Gaston County conducts all building code reviews and does all building code inspections in Belmont. Gaston County Natural Resources reviews all Soil Erosion and Sedimentation plans as well as all Phase 2 Stormwater plans.

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Many streets in Belmont and its extra-territorial jurisdiction are owned and maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). If you are developing property along a state road, you will need to contact them.

Other Approvals

Extensions of the public water or sewer system also require approval from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

More Information

Please contact City Planner Alex Robinson at 704-901-2066 for more information.