Planning & Zoning Applications

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 704-901-2610 if you have any questions about application forms or the annexation, rezoning, or development plan review processes.

New Construction Permit Applications - Residential Only

Step 1: Complete New Construction Residential Zoning Permit Application

Step 2: (Staff will complete a pre-construction lot inspection within 2 business days of receiving the zoning permit application. If your lot is not ready for this inspection, do not submit your application.) 

*Use the checklist below to make sure your lot is ready for the pre-construction lot inspection.

Pre-Construction Lot Inspection Checklist

Step 3: If the lot passes the pre-construction lot inspection, a staff member will email you to let you know that your zoning permit is ready for payment and processing. This email will have an attached invoice showing what fees have been paid and any remaining balance. If the lot does not pass the initial inspection, a staff member will email you a re-inspection invoice with a breakdown of why the lot did not pass its inspection. 

Step 4: Pay fees and issue zoning permit | Pay re-inspection fees and schedule re-inspection

Step 5: Water Meter Request Form: When you are ready to have the water meter installed on your lot, follow the link to complete the water meter request form. Please note that work orders will not be created if this form has not been completed or if fees have not been paid. Please call 704-901-2610 with any questions. 

Step 6: (This step must be completed prior to your framing inspection with Gaston County) For all permits issued after March 1, 2019 a sealed foundation survey must be uploaded here. This survey will be reviewed within 24 hours (business days) and approval to move forward will be sent to the county and applicant. 

Step 7: Certificate of Zoning Compliance: In order to receive your Certificate of Occupancy from Gaston County, you must have a final compliance inspection completed. The link will direct you to the request form. Please note that applicants must fill out the request form two business days prior to the requested inspection date. 

For questions about the new construction residential permitting process, please call us at 704-901-2610

Check on the Status of Your Permit Here 

(Link provided below as well)

Things to keep in Mind:

Under Review = Application is currently being reviewed (and inspected if applicable) by a planner. 

Waiting on Payment = Review and Inspections are completed. Waiting on payment of permit fees. An invoice will be emailed to you when your permit is ready for payment.

Issued = All fees have been paid and permit has been given to the applicant.

Online Forms

Important: Please note that the 5% technology fee must be selected for each type of zoning permit. You will add the tech, fee by typing in "1" in the quantity box. By not adding the technology fee during your initial application you may incur an extra processing fee and will delay the turn around time for your permit.  

Temporary Use Permit
Certificate of Zoning Compliance Application
Zoning Permit - Signs
Zoning Permit - Accessory Structures
Zoning Permit - Interior Renovations with no Expansions
Zoning Permit - New Construction Non-Residential
Zoning Permit - Non Residential Interior renovations with no expansions
Zoning Permit - Residential Addition
Zoning Verification Letter

More Information for Specific Projects:

Solar Panels

Please use the "Interior Renovations" Zoning permit applications if applying for solar panels. Make sure to select the correct application for residential or commercial use.