Transportation Planning

The Belmont Planning and Zoning Department works with many other state and local governmental agencies, as well as non-governmental agencies, for transportation planning. The City supports multimodal transportation that seeks to improve the pedestrian and bicycle transportation environment in addition to improvements in vehicular transportation.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation

The Planning and Zoning Department created a pedestrian master plan in 2009, made possible through a grant from the NCDOT Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. The City has also been awarded a similar bicycle master planning grant, and work should begin in the fall of 2011.

Carolina Thread Trail

The City also participated in the planning of the Carolina Thread Trail, a multi-use trail system that will connect 15 counties in the Charlotte region. The City of Belmont has been awarded a grant to design a rail-trail on the Belmont Spur of the Piedmont and Northern Railroad line that runs from Woodlawn Avenue to Belmont Abbey College and Downtown Belmont. This area is part of the Carolina Thread Trail.

Safe Routes to School

The City of Belmont has also received a grant from NCDOT to implement a Safe Routes to School program that will encourage elementary and middle school students to walk or ride bicycles to school.

Vehicular Transportation

Vehicular transportation planning is coordinated in Belmont through the Gaston Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

Build a Better Boulevard: 

The Wilkinson Boulevard Corridor Study